What Exactly is Hacienda Furniture? The Story Behind the Style

Are you looking to create a hacienda-style home? Hat Creek Interiors has the perfect hacienda furniture to craft a southwest anesthetic estate! We can make it feel open with just the proper distance between each piece of furniture to ensure you have a traditional hacienda house layout. When you have an idea in mind for your home, Hat Creek Interiors can help you bring it to life. Reach out to us, and we will help you piece together your design!

Popular Hacienda Furniture Materials

At the time, most of the materials available were wood and leather. Other items used were textiles like wool, cotton, and even sometimes silk. These were used commonly by Native Americans and Mexican settlers. Hacienda materials are unique and keep customers coming back for more simply because the furniture pieces last!

We concentrate on using leather, wood, and textiles to bring in the hacienda style. Each piece is designed with a classic look. However, some are more modernly inspired. Hacienda furniture can add a perfect touch of rustic or traditional style to your living space! You can add multiple furniture styles to any room for a fresh look, and something you know is well made.

Simple but Colorful Designs

Hacienda is a style of furniture known to be more simplistic in design. These pieces of furniture are known to have elegance due to rich colors that are unique to the southwest region.

Hacienda-style furniture can blend western elements with Spanish features of colonial culture. Southwestern-style homes can be particular, but the hacienda-style allows you to make it your own! We have made furniture that fits all types of homes, and customized pieces go fantastic with the furniture you may already have. Let us work together to create the space you have always wanted with the furniture you will have for years! 

Hacienda Cowhide Dining Chair

It showcases a cowhide inside back, a sturdy leather seat, and an expertly hand-carved base with a dark walnut finish. This chair is comfortable to sit in, but it has an elegant look that works perfectly for entertaining guests.

Of course, since it's made from Hat Creek, you know it is elegantly made and finely crafted and designed to stand the test of time. This is a chair you will be bringing out for a long time! This chair measures approximately 40″H x 20″D x 19.5″W.

Tarnished copper accentuates the woodwork on Hacienda furniture, making it unique to the eye. Our bold turquoise bedding and decor can bring together a southwestern interior design with the aesthetic of hacienda furniture. Bright reds are another color that captures the west and the ideals of sunsets!

Hacienda Copper Panel Bedroom Set 

With our unique Hacienda Copper Panel Bedroom Set, you can transport into the southwest with its spin on our favorite range of decor. Our bedroom set features a beautiful addition of patina copper combined with this set's solid wood frame. It includes a king-sized bed, two nightstands, one tall chest of drawers, and one wide dresser. 

Each piece varies in overall style and appearance due to the set's unique characteristics.  

Set Dimensions:

  • Nightstand Dimensions: 30"W x 20"D x 31"H
  • 9-Drawer Dresser Dimensions: 68"W x 22.5"D x 43"H
  • 6-Drawer Tall Chest Dimensions: 46"W x 22.5"D x 54.75"H

Why Hacienda Furniture?

Do you have extra space in your home you are trying to fill with character and style? Hacienda furniture has just the piece you are missing! Our rustic decor can draw inspiration from nature and combines farmhouse and industrial interior design styles. Focusing on weathered looks, raw or exposed wood or stone, and unexpected touches for an overall classic bent. With this look, you can have pieces of furniture that are your own, one of a kind, that everyone else will want!

Making your space feel like your own is what we want to create for you. And with hacienda furniture, that is possible. We provide your home with a modern interior design that combines various western elements into a one-of-a-kind space!

Design with Hat Creek Interiors

If you are interested in learning more about hacienda furniture, reach out to us at Hat Creek Interiors, and we can help you find the missing piece for your home. We can discuss design ideas that are perfect for your western style home. Please call us at 806-794-5404 to discuss your design, or you can send us a message online!

We look forward to creating something beautiful and designing your space with you!

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