Hacienda Furniture

Craft the perfect southwest aesthetic within a home with our hacienda furniture pieces and sets. Hacienda typically refers to the manor-style houses of the large ranch estates in the southwest. Traditional hacienda houses didn’t have an open layout, creating separation between the individual. The furniture typically reflects this distance with a closed, sheltered style. Hat Creek Interiors can help with furnishing your home.

Many hacienda pieces are made with wood and leather, materials readily available in this environment at that time. Other items include textiles like wool, cotton, and even silk; Native Americans and Mexican settlers commonly used these. Take these styles home with you with Hacienda Furniture from Hat Creek Interiors.

Hacienda-style furniture tends to be more simplistic in design, preceding the ornate carvings prevalent in traditional Mexican designs. Hacienda can also have an understated elegance by using rich colors that are unique to the southwest region. Hacienda-style furniture blends western elements with features of Spanish colonial culture. Try accenting the space’s interior design with the reddish and copper hues of our hacienda furniture pieces. The neutral tones of hacienda-style furniture pieces offset the turquoise or other accent colors in a room.

Concentrate on the presence of leather, wood, and textiles to bring home that hacienda feeling. The furniture is designed with a classic look in mind, but some pieces are more modernly inspired. Sofa sets are available- complete with corner groupings.  Hacienda furniture pieces are perfect for adding some rustic or traditional feel to your living space.

Tarnished copper accentuates the woodwork on our Hacienda furniture. Additionally, bold turquoise bedding or decor can pull together aspects of a southwestern interior design with the aesthetic of Hacienda design. Bright reds are another tone in the southwestern color palette that beautifully captures the sunsets of the deserts of the West.

Try using Hacienda furniture to accent your home's interior style with similar Southwestern hues. Furniture will highlight any area that you put it in, so why not give an otherwise unnoticeable space some extra character?

Rustic décor draws inspiration from nature and combines farmhouse and industrial interior design styles, emphasizing natural and weathered finishes, raw wood, stone, and leather, as well as unexpected touches and an overall sophisticated bent.

We love how the above-shown room combines a diverse mix of statement-making furnishings, such as custom plush sherpa sofas, industrial-inspired wire pendants, and one-of-a-kind leather chairs. That being said, we love modern interior design styles that combine various elements to create a beautifully realized, one-of-a-kind space.  We also appreciate the room's edgy, eclectic nature.

In sum, we understand why those who are looking to change their homestyle would be drawn to Hacienda Furniture. The furniture company specializes in bringing together an eclectic mix of statement-making furnishings, portraying rustic décor that brings farmhouse and industrial vibes.

Add multiple styles of furniture to achieve a fresh look for any room. Hat Creek Interiors offers new pieces every month, so take a look at our collection of authentic real wood furniture and be inspired by Hat Creek's furniture gallery!

Search our collection of hacienda style furniture pieces to incorporate within the home.
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