Hat Creek’s Style Guide: Southwestern Decor for your Living Room

Are you looking for a little bit of southwestern flair in your living room? Look no further than Hat Creek! Our style guide will show you how to achieve the perfect Southwestern decor living room style! You can add some serious personality to your space with just a few simple tips. So get ready to take your living room from bland to beautiful!

Hat Creek Interiors creates custom pieces to meet the needs of all kinds of spaces and makes it a priority to find just the right piece every time. Western-style furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and we have a lot for you to pick from. Once we are set in the living room, we can even get your pieces for the rest of your home! Contact us today to get started on your design.

What Makes Furniture Western?

Western-style took its cues and originated in the western hemisphere. The times were when colonial settlers began trading with Native Americans for handmade articles like baskets or pottery. Besides this, our western-style furnishings have been around since early America, giving us our taste of this trend that still thrives today.

The blending of southwestern decor living room furniture with Hat Creek Interior designs. With pieces such as sofas, chairs, lighting, and more! We have everything you could want for your home. When you have a vision and are unsure how to bring it to life, Hat Creek Interiors is here to help. Our unique rustic furniture can turn your home decor from bland to fabulous in just a few pieces! If you reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for, we can work together to find the pieces your home is missing! Check out a few southwestern style favorites here:

Cowhide Ottoman 

Featuring a cowhide leather design, our ottoman will really pop out with any southwestern decor living room design! 

This cowhide leather ottoman is upholstered with an HOH top/top band and leather lower band. Due to the unique characteristics of cowhide, the overall style and appearance may vary slightly. Measures 48D x 48W x 19H. 

Antler Table Lamp

Bring memories of hiking, camping, or nature back to life when gazing upon this light feature. The authentic, naturally shed deer antlers will accentuate the home's aesthetic and bring a touch of elegance into any room. 

This lamp sits nicely on any coffee table or side table, making for great conversation and giving off the proper lighting for reading or writing during any time of the day!

Gainesville Scalloped Back Sofa

Get a sofa with some western flair and style here at Hat Creek Interiors. This version of our Gainesville sofa is the perfect combination of rustic elegance mixed with optimum comfort! Measures 93" W x 41" D x 43" H.

Having a sofa like no other is what western style is all about! This is a one of a kind, and you won't regret it once you take a seat on it for the first time. 

The Significance of Western Style Decor

Western-style adapts to different lifestyles and cultures by always bringing comfort into your design; it is not just for those who live out west. Western design and furniture are about individualism and finding pieces to express yourself. You can find something simple or intricate depending on what you are going for in your space. A southwestern decor living room can make any space feel like home!

The best western furniture pieces have characteristics of modern and rustic aspects. This appealing look of western furniture is how you can blend with your decor and interior design. Western-style often combines leather with fabric and wooden elements to create a unique design. Unique is what you should strive for in your space. You want the pieces that stand out and speak to you. Everything in your home should have meaning and make you feel special because it is like nothing anyone else has. Hat Creek Interiors works on custom furniture to meet the needs of all western styles because all homes are different!

Western Royalty Chair and a Half-Zebra

Here's a Texas-made classic that provides a cozy fit for two! Soft leather accented with Brazilian zebra stenciled cowhide, and an elegant embossed/print leather will make this chair "pop" in any room or office!

Having a comfortable chair that is nice to look at in your home is always a conversation piece! You want to add furniture to your home, making people want to talk about it. They will sit down and wonder where this came from and how I got one!

Shoot Me Straight Rug

Add some flash and flair to a neutral-toned room with this southwestern pattern's bold reds, rich blues, and elegant golds. The bold colors and pattern will add dimension and character to the southwestern room or entryway.

This southwestern rug will effortlessly adorn any home with warmth and personality with its colorful geometric and arrow pattern. Use the Shoot Me Straight Rug as a starting point when incorporating new decor into a room.

Having pieces that add color and pattern to your space can change the whole design and make it more you! A western style is about adding personality and changing the look to fit your space. Remember to buy what you want and get the piece that you see fits best!

Difference Between Western and Country Style Furniture

The terms "western" and "country" tend to be used interchangeably in everyday language. However, we prioritize them differently due to colors, elements, and other aspects when it comes to interior design!


Western designs lean towards darker shades like reds and browns as opposed to country designs with lighthearted colors of light blue and beige to have a warmer tone. When you pick out your designs, you will notice a difference. However, it is essential not to mix the two!


A western-style has more of a rugged touch with animals or wooden features as a country design will have an airy feeling, like a farmhouse. You will be able to tell the difference based on the materials used.


Western designs typically use bulky wood furniture versus light linen upholstery for their country counterparts. Country design can sometimes be viewed as cute and whimsical, while western-style uses functional elements with value.

One thing they have in common- comfort! Southwestern Decor living room ideas for your home are just around the corner. Hat Creek Interiors is here to help you design the home you have always wanted!

Knowing the difference between the two can change an entire design. It is essential to know what design you are looking for and the type of furniture you want to put into your home. Hat Creek Interiors is available to help answer any questions about decor and design! We want you to have the space you have always wanted and be able to live in the comfort of your own home!

4 Light Whitetail Antler Chandelier

A true western home is not complete without an antler chandelier! Handmade in the United States from high-quality shed antlers. Be the envy of every guest with this beautifully illuminating light fixture.

Regardless of where one lives, the aesthetic of the west of this antler chandelier will illuminate the room with genuine western hospitality.

Spend time with family and friends while lounging on one of our sofas underneath this gorgeous light feature. The wiring is expertly concealed within the chandelier and uses four lightbulbs. So there is no loose wiring that ruins the atmosphere the lighting brings to the room.

Southwestern Decor Living Room Favorites at Hat Creek Interiors

Western furniture gives your home a timeless and classic design, allowing these sets to accent other design styles or bring your style together. Most western furniture pieces show natural tones and provide a neutral color palette to match other colors in your decor.

With our selection of southwestern furniture and decor, we will help you find just what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to refresh your design or completely start new, we have the pieces you want. Take a look and let us know how we can help! You can give us a call at 806-794-5404 or leave us a message!

Hat Creek Interiors looks forward to working with you and creating a western-style that is just the right fit for your home! We have many pieces that you may fall in love with, but there are always a special few that are meant to go home with you. Let us help you find just those.

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