Western Furniture

What is western style furniture? You've probably heard the term before and are wondering what it means. Western style furniture is a type of design that originated in and took its cues from the Western Hemisphere. The term "western" was first coined during colonial times when settlers began trading with Native Americans for their handmade articles, such as baskets or pottery; these items were then brought back home by ships that had departed one continent (such as Europe) only to return to another (the Americas). These treasures spurred curiosity amongst citizens living at this period who wanted similar goods but couldn't find any stores selling authentic native artwork. Western style furnishings have been around since early America giving us our first taste into this globalization trend which still thrives today! 

Difference Between Western Style Furniture & Country Style Furniture 

The words "western" and "country" have been used interchangeably in everyday language. Contrary to popular opinion, however, the two are not directly comparable in terms of interior designs because they both prioritize different colors, elements, and functionality while evoking different sentiments.


Western style designs often tend towards darker shades than lighthearted colors found on country interiors, which instead have bright pops of color here and there! Country interiors are usually bright and welcoming, with light colors that make the space feel airy. Beige colors are popular here, too - perfect when combined with white accents like light blue paintwork around window sills, which brings out their natural warmth while still being neutral enough. Juxtaposed against this is an emphasis on dark hues such as deep reds or browns for contrast, which Western interiors usually consist of. 


Western designs focus on rugged primitive animals or wood, while the country decor is chicer with an airy feel. Country interior designs lean towards farmhouses and will often contain a lot of imagery from the land itself. This could be chickens, cows, and other agricultural life found on farms in general. Still, it might include specific items such as wood paneling for walls or shiplap furniture to evoke an old-timey feel not seen anywhere else at first glance! There may also be subtle yet distinguishing features like large stone elements or thick upholstery stitching, which set them apart from each other.


The material used for western and country-style homes may be considered natural (wood, stone), but most likely, you will see a difference in density. Western designs typically use bulky wood furniture versus light linen upholstery for their country counterparts; this was due to durability needs in an earlier time when these items were more prevalent (wood vs. textiles).

A country home may have elements that could also be considered cute or whimsical without regard for function, but this does not mean they're useless in their design! On the other hand, the western-style decor will include functional elements such as old rifles. Western style homes tend to value authenticity over artifice.   


Design and style are subjective, but some general design principles apply across cultures. Western and country interiors are two different approaches to design that can be seen as masculine or feminine. Western designs typically lean towards the more masculine side with dark woods for furniture or accented walls in office space. Western style homes will also be more reminiscent of the wild west with cowboys and ranchers. The country design is more feminine in its soft and warm colors and designs. It invokes the feel of being outside with its bright colors, openness to views from all angles-even if it's just on your own patio!

One thing these styles have in common though? Comfort!


The Significance Of Western Style Decor

Western design is a form that was founded on the ideals of Western attitudes, such as building your home with local materials. It adapts to different lifestyles and cultures by incorporating comfort into its designs; it's not just for those living out west! Western interior design and furniture are all about the individualism that comes with being able to express yourself. Whether you want simple lines or intricate curves, western designs have it in their arsenal for making any room feel like home. 

Characteristics of western style pieces of furniture include the combination of rustic and modern aesthetics. The appealing look of western-style furniture is how these pieces of furniture can blend with any interior design. Western furniture often pairs leather with fabric and may include wooden elements. Frequently seen are sentiments of old ranch homes throughout an interior design that incorporates western furniture. 

Often seen with western interior designs are rawhide, cowhide, embossed leather, antlers, or metalwork. The unique blending of sofas, chairs, tables, lighting, and decor will craft a place those who visit to call home. Illuminate the spirit of the Old West with one of our antler chandeliers while relaxing on one of our supple leather sofas.

Western furniture pieces give a house a classic and timeless feel as these furniture sets can accent other design styles or complete a design style for a streamlined look. Western furniture pieces are imbued with natural tones found in the West and provide a neutral color palette to accentuate colored walls or decor.

With our selection, you're sure to find what suits any decor- whether it's mountain man chic or just good old-fashioned country comfort that gets you going in the morning. You may notice these homes are all about the views. They have clean lines and natural materials, with locally made, sturdy furnishings. 

Browse through our extensive collection of western-themed bedding, chairs, office furniture, and more to make any interior space a genuinely western experience!
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