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Mesquite design is one of a kind. You will have a piece like no one else, and it will be with you for a long time coming. With Hat Creek Interiors, we have a lot to offer when it comes to adding mesquite furniture into your design, and you can trust us to pull your whole idea together. Be bold and get the wooden tables you have been wanting. It will be worth it once you bring them home and see them side next to your leather recliner for the first time. The mesquite design will bring love and happiness into your home in more ways than one, and we are here to make it happen. 

If you have an idea for your southwestern home and are unsure what is missing, Hat Creek Interiors is here to help bring it to life. We have many mesquite furniture pieces that could fit into multiple rooms in your home, and we can also customize wooden furniture. 

Did You Know? 

A little history about Mesquite is that it was first created for food, medical, shelter, tool, and recreational purposes. The mesquite bean is a reliable crop that has been used for years now to help thirst. The pods are tinted straw-colored and contain a high nutritional value with fiber. Mesquite pods were used for many recipes, such as candy-coated nuts! 

The Native Americans used the mesquite tree in harsh conditions to create a shelter to protect themselves from the rain and sun. The wood also served other purposes, such as hunting and fencing from sturdy logs for some time until they found better materials. Although the history is long for the Southwestern tribes using Mesquite, they were not the only ones who used it. 

The Aztec made a lotion from the leaves for treating infections, Comanches chewed on the leaves to ease a toothache, and it could also help when feeling ill. Mesquite sap was also used for treating wounds. 

Nowadays, we associate the plant with barbecues, considering the flavor and the scent of an open flame. 

This scent can be very welcoming to family and friends, creating an inviting space inside and outside your home. Having a mesquite wooden furniture design with a touch of color in the cracks will be an excellent topic to talk about and something to use for your entertainment. Our furniture is made with top-of-the-line materials and will last in your home for a while. 

Mesquite Design 

Mesquite is full of imperfections and intricate detail. Each blemish creates uniqueness from knots to twists and some natural-looking wood areas. The exposed grain pattern is what makes the mesquite design so beautiful. Furniture made from these woods is unique because no two are exactly alike. Mesquite designs are made to last.

No matter what piece you are looking for, it will be in your home for a while! Purchasing quality over quantity is what we aim for. That is why Hat Creek Interiors is here to help you make a unique custom piece of mesquite furniture to fit right into your design vision. We have the experience and want to help your home look original and different from any other southern home you've seen. 

Any design will bring western style into your home and want you to build on a design. No design is ever complete without everything you have in your vision. We are constantly making changes to our design ideas in our home, and southern styles can be so specific that adding a mesquite piece can be the perfect thing you have been searching for. 

Incorporating a mesquite design into your space is a beautiful idea to add a touch of uniqueness and pride. Having furniture with such character will show that your countryside is authentic and you do not care what anyone thinks about your style.

You know what you want, and you are going to get it. Be confident in your design ideas and what you want. Our wooden designs make it possible for you to add anything custom to your home. The mesquite design brings a pop of color and eccentric furniture into your space. 

Trust your gut and go after what you want. Mesquite has a sign of strength, and each piece is different for each person, let your creative sideshow. Enjoy the process and love your wooden furniture. It will be like no piece of furniture you have brought into your home before, and no one else will have anything like it. It will become the talking piece of your home, and everyone who sees it may ask where it came from.

Our mesquite furniture is different from anything else you will find, and knowing that it is your piece should make you feel honored. Some homes look so cookie-cutter, but it means so much more when you shop around and find original pieces. 

Take A Seat at Our Carved Mesquite Dining Table 

The distinctive grain pattern and natural wood are eye-catching the most! Our carved mesquite dining table has room for a large family and is an actual work of art. You can pair a number of our chairs with this table and complete a mesquite look for your home. 

The mesquite design will bring a whole new southern vibe into your space, and you will get a feeling of comfort like never before. The natural wooden colors against the different patterns you place throughout your home will bring everything together and create a design you have been trying to create. The turquoise inlays will stand out with the patterns you have chosen, and everything will complement each other, you will see. 

Trust us when you tell you, mesquite design in south western royalty! These wooden tables next to leather couches, or cowhide pillows, make a whole room explode with design. You can add mesquite design into a room from as big as a table to as simple as a lamp. Both will bring discussion and happiness into your space. 

Check out this Mesquite Turquoise Inlay Lamp 

This lamp has a boldly western style with a bit of modern craftsmanship. Visualize this excellent piece in any room in your home to add just the right amount of color tones and different from anything you've seen before. Having a lamp that you create yourself can talk about and share with loved ones. It is gorgeous and will match any piece of furniture you put next to it! 

Each piece is created to fit your space and make it feel just right for you. We want you to enjoy looking at your furniture every day, instead of wanting something new. When you choose a mesquite design, you will have it with you for a while, so we want you to choose something you will love! Enjoying your space is essential and having comfortable furniture to enjoy your space is what matters most. 

Turquoise Inlays 

The touch of color is bold and allows the natural wood to combine to form the perfect piece of accent furniture. For example, our turquoise inlays look beautiful on a wooden table against a southwestern pattern fabric chair. It would be best if you came to us with a vision, and we can help you pull it all together. 

Mesquite furniture will go well with any western style home. You have to believe in the process. It is possible to create just about anything you desire if you ask. Having a wooden table with some color will bring a tone to your space that you didn't even imagine would look so good. Adding color to your country home allows you to incorporate patterns and other details you might have been holding off on to tie the whole design together. 

You Have to See Our Martini Mesquite Side Table 

The turquoise inlay inside this small side table perfectly accents any room in your home. It adds just the right splash of color and is beautifully unique! This small side table would be perfect in the living room next to your leather couch or the bedroom for your book at night. It just adds the right amount of originality to your western home. 

Here at Hat Creek Interiors, we can help you complete your look or start from the beginning and create something together. Our custom-made wooden mesquite furniture is a fine place to look for your accent pieces. We are here to help you find just the right fit for your home and ensure you will love it for many days to come. The mesquite design stays well and holds to its colors and markings because it moves with you over the years and will find a place no matter where you take it. 

Connect with Hat Creek Interiors

Do you have questions about how to design your space? Hat Creek Interiors can bring an idea to life. A mesquite design can bring life into your space because of the color in the wood and the different uniqueness. Every piece we create is something new. The wood tells the story and guides our custom projects. This is why mesquite furniture comes out so beautiful, it has a touch of color and personality other furniture does not always have. 

Give us a call today at 806-794-5404 to discuss your custom design ideas. We are located in Lubbock, Texas, but we can ship throughout the US! We want your experience with us to be a memorable one. Our furniture is custom made and lasts forever due to the materials we use and the quality work we put into it. Let us help you with your next piece! 

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