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Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) covers about 100 million acres, and 50 million are found throughout Texas alone! Mesquite has many different varieties, and all have interesting names like "western honey" or" velvet.". While in the desert, Mesquite makes it look more like a bush; they may grow up to an average of 20 feet and produce bean pods. The mesquite tree is a survivor in Texas's hot deserts with roots that grow more than 100 feet down to search for water. Before the first Anglo settlers came to Texas, The Native Americans used these sturdy thorns and inner bark to make baskets from scratch and fabric for clothing.


The first use of Mesquite was for food, medicinal, shelter, tool, and recreational purposes. 

The mesquite bean is a reliable crop that has been used for centuries to quench thirst in times of drought. The pods are tinted straw-colored and contain a high nutritional value with an abundance of fiber content; they're also able to withstand long periods without water provided there's plenty of food around! As if this wasn't versatile already, a protein-rich flour can be mixed using ground bean pods and other ingredients like water or milk before drying out into small sun-dried cakes. Mesquite pods were also an ingredient in many recipes like syrup or candy-coated nuts! 

The use by Native Americans was prevalent because it offered utility beyond just making firewood; Native Americans used the mesquite tree to create shelter, construct homes and roofs against harsh conditions thatched with its branches for protection from sun or rain. The wood also served a purpose outside of our senses: arrows and bowstrings were crafted out of them during hunting seasons as they are durable enough. They also fashioned fences out of these sturdy logs when fencing their cattle ranchlands during this era before barbed wire became popularized.

Although the history of Mesquite is long with Southwestern tribes, they were not the only ones to use it. The Aztec made a lotion from its leaves and water for treating infection or irritation in their eyes; Comanches chewed on these plants when they had toothaches that needed relief; furthermore, gum stems were functional as well—they could be chewing them at times if you're feeling sick (like after eating something terrible). Mesquite was even used for lice, cough, laryngitis, pink eye, and various other illnesses. Mesquite sap was also used to treat certain wounds. 

With all that hard work, the bean was also used as recreational equipment for foot trace games, similar to hockey. 

Nowadays, people associate this plant with barbecues, especially considering the flavor these burnt logs add when cooking food over an open flame.


When you think of beautiful hardwood furniture, what comes to mind? I bet it's the kind with deeply figured boards and intricate details. But did you know that not all woods are created equal! One type stands out from others due to its imperfections: Mesquite. The blemishes create uniqueness by giving each piece an individualized look with twists, knots, and imperfections throughout every board instead of just on some areas like most woods do naturally due to their grain patterning. Furniture made out of these timbers would be considered true works-of-art since there aren't any two exactly alike - everyone will get something. 

These mesquite-style furniture pieces, crafted from mesquite wood, are made to last. Whether it is a dining room table, a side table, or a bed frame, mesquite-style furniture is an excellent addition to any interior design. Bring the aesthetic of the western desert into any home with furniture made from mesquite wood.

Turquoise inlays look stunning with mesquite wood. The touch of bold color easily allows one to blend the natural tones of the wood with various accent furniture pieces. For example, our mesquite dining tables with turquoise inlay will pair beautifully with any of our accent dining chairs with southwestern patterned fabric.

Mesquite-style furniture sets accent the beauty of the natural world and elevates the aesthetics of an indoor space. Whether the house is a western ranch or woodland cabin, or mountainside lodge, mesquite-style furniture is the perfect choice to include in the interior design as accents pieces or use as a complete streamlined set.

Take a look through our extensive collection of furniture crafted from mesquite wood. We offer tables, bed frames, side tables, lamps, sofa tables, and coffee tables to fit any home design needs!
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