Western Furniture

Western Furniture

When seeking out the Western furniture that you’ve always dreamed about having in your home then you should look no further than Hat Creek Interiors. Nobody has a higher quality of Western Furniture than us. Everything we offer is with the intent of giving you that Western dream home you’ve always wanted.

All of our Western furniture will appeal to your western tastes and the quality is at a level that will leave you heading home completely satisfied with your new furniture. Whether that be one of our couches, outdoor sets, bedroom furniture, or just a good ole fashion western style bar room. We have it all right here at Hat Creek Interiors.

Maybe you’re concerned that Western isn’t in style right now and you’ll be making a purchase that will look old or outdated within a year. Well fear not, because not only is Western one of the more popular styles, but anyone that has dived into it knows that the lifestyle never leaves you. No matter what the general public believes you’ll be proud to live your best Western furniture filled life.

This is the beauty of Western furniture. Those of us that have it can’t help but rave about how wonderful it is. It makes us happier to walk into our homes every day and our peers rave about it when they come over for parties. Your house will be the talk of everyone in your social circle.

Why Western Furniture Is The Best

When it comes to Western furniture we are passionate about its quality and style. We can understand why some people might not appreciate it, but let us tell you why it’s the best kind of furniture out there. For starters, by name alone it’s built right into the history of America. The old ideas of manifest destiny and looking to explore the west to find opportunity.

Through our furniture you can in many ways gain those same feelings that the America of old had when the west was first being explored. When the plains were considered romantic and the west was considered wild. Our Western furniture can in many ways feel wild when you look at the designs. We feel that re-capturing that feeling of the wild west is key in making our Western furniture have the authentic feel many of our customers are searching for.

With high quality material meant to represent the west our distinctive designs will catch your eye and everyone else’s eye. Not only because it’s Western furniture, but because it’s furniture from Hat Creek Interior. There’s a fingerprint that we leave on all our furniture that tells everyone where it’s from. When you have a piece of our furniture people notice and that’s a good thing.

Living Room and Bar

The best way to get that full Western feeling that only our Western furniture can bring is by diving into it with our living room Western furniture. We have multiple Western style couches that can fit into any home. Some are larger than life, just like Texas, and others are more subtle. More importantly they’re all Western, high quality, and just one purchase away from being in your new Western home.

Coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans are also available of course to complete the Western furniture inspired set. You can’t have just one couch and then a bunch of regular items that don’t match. No, to really capture that Western feeling you’ll need everything else that goes with it. So when you wake up in the morning and start your day you walk into a living room straight out of the good ole west.

But let’s move out of the living room and into another important area of the house and that’s the bar. When you’re having company over and want to offer them a drink they won’t be able to help themselves but ask about your incredible Western furniture style bar room.

The bars themselves are Western enough of course with an incredible finish of your choice, but you can take it a step further with some barstools that are not only comfortable but will feel like you’re sitting in your favorite Western style bar. Add a pub table to the room to match the set and bring in a pool table for good measure. Not a fan of pool? Then what about Texas Hold’em style poker. We got a table for that so you can have your games in an authentic environment. With this, not only do you have the coolest Western furniture house in the neighborhood, but you’ll have the best Western parties. Impress peers and friends as they all beg for you to host the next social gathering.


There’s more to a house though than just your living room and bar room. Sometimes you just want to get that feeling of Western furniture all to yourself. Of course we’ve got you covered there with the best Western bedroom set available. Wake up and go to sleep every night in a Western furniture style bedroom complete with frame, bedding, nightstands, ottoman’s, and dressers for all your bedroom needs. You can’t be in a house with just one of these Western furniture items. You’ll need all of them to really complete the set.

For starters you’ll need one of our special Western furniture beds. These perfectly crafted and finished products will leave you aghast at just how gorgeous they are when you place your mattress in them. It just can’t be the perfect Western furniture style bedroom without the perfect bed.

Of course, we have plenty of dressers that will match perfectly with whatever bed frame you choose. All of them are artfully crafted so they’re just as nice to look at as they are to use. Nothing ruins your morning worse than when you wake up only to look at the ugly dresser that you’ve had for far too long. Our Western furniture style dressers will never give you this problem.

Remember the Alamo with our alamo style nightstand, or maybe copper is more your style? Whatever you choose just know that any nightstand purchased from us will look perfect in your home along with the rest of your Western furniture. We have multiple kinds depending on what kind of bed you own and can find the perfect one for you.

At Hat Creek Interiors we care about pairing you with the kind of Western furniture that you will fall in love with. The bedroom is an important part of any home. It’s where you begin and end your day so you want that to be a place of comfort for you. Our Western furniture should be able to give you all the comfort you’ve ever wanted.


Of course what is Western furniture without proper lighting to give that feel of the old west? We have some regular lamp shades if you want to just dip into the western furniture feeling, but we can go all out with it as well. There’s antler lamp shades from moose, cactus themed lamps, and chandeliers built to really represent the old west at its best.

When you watch an old western on TV there’s a romanticized vision to it we all want in our own homes. We get that feeling because movies create a sense of lighting that we all envision the west to be like that. What if you could have that in your own home?

With our lighting you will be able to do exactly that. We have chandeliers that hang off the ceiling and colored to match the themes that will exist in the rest of your house with our Western furniture. If you enjoy hunting then get an antler lamp to go in your hunting room with the rest of your trophies. There are all kinds of options thanks to the fantastic variety that exists in our Western furniture.

Of course if that’s too much for you then you can always settle for a normal table lamp or floor lamp with a Western furniture twist. We have red shade colored lamps, blue shade colored lamps, an Iron star table lamp. Even when we’re offering you regular style lamps we’re still giving it that Western furniture style to really drive home to visitors your love for western furniture.

If a rustic look is more your style then fear not, because not only is rustic quality furniture part of what makes our furniture great, but it too can be considered Western furniture. So if you want a tin lamp shade, because you think it matches your home better, then go for it because it will still be right in theme with the rest of your Western furniture style home. With lighting like this you’ll soon feel like you’re right on the movie set of your favorite spaghetti western.

Outdoor Furniture

If you want to continue that feeling of Western living outside your home then maybe some outdoor furniture will be perfect for you. Our outdoor sets are made to survive the harsh weather conditions they may face. Then, on those perfect evenings where you want to sit outside and just enjoy nature, they’ll be right there waiting for you. Our amazing outdoor sets are not only comfortable, but useful for however you want to furnish your outside seating.

Want to bring your backyard back to a simpler time with lemonade, sandwiches, and a big yard? Then maybe one of our complete outdoor sets is available to you. We have tables and chairs that will look incredible on your back porch as you sit there and have an afternoon lunch with your family, or maybe you’re enjoying the sun with a drink and have the football game on the TV in the background.

If you’re more into tailgating with friends on the back porch before the game is on TV, or just having a good time out back, then we have a variety of outdoor seating options that better fit that style of living. It’s all comfortable, durable, and Western style furniture built to be outside. If you need an entire set then that’s available to you at your discretion. You can also always buy individual chairs if you already have some Western furniture that it would match.

What’s incredible about our outdoor western furniture is the sheer variety of it. We have an outdoor bar complete with outdoor stools, outdoor coffee tables, outdoor ottomans, and more! All of our outdoor Western furniture is meant to be used at your discretion, but we of course have a few ideas in mind of how you might want to use it.

Our chaise lounges are perfect to put next to your pool to give our western furniture a nice swimming feel. There’s even an outdoor bar/island to fit your outdoor Western furniture needs. Whatever you’re searching for those of us at Hat Creek Interiors will help you get it.

Rugs and Runners

So you’ve managed to fill your entire home and even the outside with our amazing western furniture, but it feels like it’s missing something right? That’s because you need some of our incredible rugs and runners. Made out of the best western fabric available these will be what sets your Western home over the top and creates the perfect western themed home you’ve always wanted in your life.

Our Western furniture rugs feature themes such as whiskey river, Buckskin, Storm catcher, and Diamond Rio. Even if you’re not looking to fill your entire home with Western furniture, but you want that little something to give you a western feel then these rugs and runners are perfect for the job. They’re delicately designed with our customers needs in mind. While they’re usually used to just cap off a Western furniture style home that doesn’t mean you can’t just add bits and pieces of western furniture here and there. The rugs are the perfect small dose of western rug without going overboard. Of course, we feel that you should fill your entire house with our wonderful Western furniture, because there’s just no better furniture out there.

You finally have the western home of your dreams

With purchases from all of these categories you can finally have the Western furniture home of your dreams. Our customers always feel satisfied with purchasing from us thanks to our fantastic customer service, family values, and distinctive merchandise.

If you’re looking into designing a western furniture themed home then you know for a fact you want all of your merchandise to be United States made. A large majority of our Western furniture is in fact made here in Texas, giving it that authentic western feel, and if it’s not then it’s still made in the United States. You know that when you buy from us you’re sticking to those Western ideals that we hold so much value towards.

We believe that the best way to give our customers the Western furniture home they’ve always wanted is through incredible customer service. If we help you at every step of the way and keep you happy as you’re going through the process of furnishing your Western furniture home then you are going to come back to us. It’s a tale as old as time. A happy customer is a great customer.

What makes our Western furniture ahead of anyone else’s is that we’re distinctive. You know when that’s Hat Creek Interior style western furniture. It’s why when our customers purchase our items they can’t help but rave about us to friends, family, co-workers, and peers. Purchasing from us is a sign of our quality products and unique style. A style that our customers love.

As a family owned business we also love to give back to the community. When you’re purchasing your Western furniture from our home you know that you’re not only helping us as a business, but you’re helping the community around you. We give back to those around us to help keep everyone in the small business world floating. It’s a community and everyone that’s in this community understands that we work better together than we do separately.

While we may be based in Lubbock, Texas do not let that stop you from purchasing Western furniture from your home if you’re based out of state. We ship across the entire continental United States because we want to give anyone who desires it that lovely Western furniture home they’ve always desired. You don’t have to be in Texas to appreciate the lovely style that is Western furniture. We understand that and our customers across the country understand that.

So let’s do our part to make Western furniture the best it can be. A purchase from us guarantees you’re going to get the highest quality Western furniture not only in Texas, but in the United States. We’ve been at this for 20 years so we think we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing by now. Purchase some of our incredible Western furniture. You won’t be disappointed.

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