Western Furniture

When looking for a western furniture collection to showcase in any home, ranch, or cabin, look no further than Hat Creek Interiors. Our furniture is crafted from high-quality materials, made in the United States of America, and will last the test of time. From bedrooms to living rooms to outdoor spaces, our furniture collections will provide the dreamy western-looking home guests will envy and speak about in awe.

Our vast selection of furniture includes:

With styles that range from Mesquite to Andres, we have a piece of furniture to fit any decor theme. Proudly show off the genuinely rustic atmosphere within an abode with our collection of western furniture. When it comes to furniture and accessories, we are passionate about quality and style. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. 


Understandably, western furniture may bring about some purchasing hesitation if housing the furniture pieces outside the West. However, many individuals seek to experience the true nature of the West right in their hometowns. The style and quality of our furniture can provide a real sense of being in the West without traveling long distances. Capturing the romance and expansive feeling of the West is key in crafting our furniture. Capturing the Western expanse and romantic sentiments grants our furniture pieces and sets the authenticity required for a truly rustic atmosphere. From Cowhide to gator leather to wood embossed with turquoise, our furniture pieces are sure to amaze every guest.

With high-quality material meant to represent the West, our distinctive designs will catch the eyes of guests and will be sure to spark conversations. Not only because it’s western-style furniture, but because it’s furniture from Hat Creek Interior. We leave a fingerprint of dedication and quality with every piece of furniture crafted. When you have one of our furniture pieces, people are bound to notice.


The best way to get that full western feeling that only our furniture can bring is by diving into it with our living room furniture pieces. We have multiple western-style couches that can fit into any home. Some are larger than life, just like Texas, and others are more subtle for a more subdued feeling of the West. Coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans are also available to complete the western-styled furniture set. When visitors are over, treat them with a drink from our gorgeous bar room furniture sets.

The bar sets provide a western aesthetic to create a great finishing touch to the room. No bar space is complete without bar stools for guests to drink lavishly. Or add a game table for more fun times and a casual drinking experience. Visitors will want to come back, again and again, to experience comfort and luxury with our western-themed living room and bar furniture pieces.


There’s more to a house than entertaining guests in a living room and bar. Experience western luxury in a rustic bedroom. Wake up and go to sleep every night in a western-themed bedroom complete with frames, bedding, nightstands, ottomans, and dressers. We have plenty of dressers and bedding designs that will perfectly accentuate any bed frame style chosen. Every bedroom furniture set or singular piece is artfully and masterfully crafted to fit any bedroom design.

Remember the Alamo with our alamo style nightstand, or add a flair of extravagance to a room with one of our copper-themed styles. Achieve perfection in a room’s design with the variety of side tables and bedding we offer. Begin and end each day in comfort and luxurious style with furniture sets from Hat creek.


If you want to continue that feeling of Western living outside your home, then maybe some outdoor furniture will be perfect for you. Our outdoor sets are made to survive the harsh weather conditions they may face. Then, on those perfect evenings where you want to sit outside and enjoy nature, they’ll be right there waiting for you. Our unique outdoor sets are functional yet comfortable for however you want to furnish your outside seating.

What’s incredible about our outdoor western-themed furniture is the sheer variety of it. We have an outdoor bar complete with outdoor stools, outdoor coffee tables, outdoor ottomans, and more! All of our western outdoor furniture is meant to be used at your discretion, but we have a few ideas in mind of how you might want to use it.

Our chaise lounges are perfect to put next to your pool to give our furniture a nice swimming feel. There’s even an outdoor bar/island to fit your outdoor western furniture needs. Whatever you’re searching for, we at Hat Creek Interiors will help you get it.

Interested in True Western Furniture

Imbue any house, cabin, or ranch with bedroom, sofa, or dining furniture pieces to complete the western feel of the home. Or accent a space with our rugs, lighting features, or floral arrangements. Purchasing a furniture piece from Hat Creek ensures a cohesive look between rooms even when incorporating multiple design styles.

Western furniture is a must for any home, cabin, or ranch for a truly rustic aesthetic. Here at Hat Creek Interiors, we specialize in rustic furniture that exudes sentiments of the West. Shop Hat Creek Interiors for any custom furniture needs! We are located in Lubbock, Texas, and are available for local pick-up and deliveries. Additionally, we ship across the U.S.A. for all of our customers.

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