Southwest Furniture

The design elements and shapes in Southwestern style are rooted deeply within the history of Native American, Mexican, and Spanish people who first explored what we now call home. 

Before anyone arrived in the American Southwest, Indigenous tribes thrived here, specifically the Navajo Tribe. Today you can still see the influence of their rich tradition—especially that of handmade textiles and delicate pottery craftsmanship featuring turquoise jewelry or leather items. Navajo textiles feature handwoven blankets and rugs, which were often used as saddle blankets, cloaks, dressers, and similar purposes. As well as being highly functional due to their ability to be so versatile, ​​the geometric patterns from this culture often demonstrate how beautifully complicated they are when you consider every detail present within each piece. This aspect is what makes them incredibly valuable even centuries after being made! Navajo began to weave rugs for tourism and export towards the end of the 19th century. 

The first to arrive were the Spanish settlers in what is now known as the Southwestern United States. The Spaniards who arrived had a powerful effect on the culture and architecture of this area. Because this region has a climate similar to Spain, many Spanish built their new homesteads using traditional techniques like adobe (for walls) and red clay roof tiles made from earthy colors such as ochre or sienna browns. Spanish settlers had a powerful effect on the culture and architecture of this area. Because many settlers arrived at this hot, harsh terrain with minimal working materials and had no choice but to make do of what was available; items such as leather materials or wooden furniture became vital pieces for their space - ones who would not stick out like sore thumbs against its natural surroundings while still getting the job done!

With a unique combination of color schemes and patterns, southwest-style furniture pieces and sets open the door to various approaches to the interior design of any western ranch, mountain lodge, or woodland cabin. Bold patterns to bright colors create a truly remarkable aesthetic for the house, with each room having different accent colors. Even though the rooms have other accent colors, the overall design style will be cohesive.

The use of earth tones mixed with pops of bold blue, orange, or red colors characterizes southwest furniture pieces and sets. Bring the natural aesthetic of the southwest indoors with our colorful southwest furniture pieces. Incorporate our rugs to accentuate the streamline the desert aesthetic of the southwest.

Browse our selection of southwest-style furniture and accent pieces for that extra touch of genuine southwest in any house.
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