Southwest Furniture

With a unique combination of color schemes and patterns, southwest-style furniture pieces and sets open the door to various approaches to the interior decor design of any western ranch, mountain lodge, or woodland cabin. Bold patterns to bright colors create a truly remarkable aesthetic for the house, with each room having different accent colors.

Even though the rooms have other accent colors, the overall design style will be cohesive. The use of earth tones mixed with pops of blue, orange, or red characterizes southwest furniture pieces and sets. Bring the natural aesthetic of the southwest indoors with our colorful southwest furniture pieces. Accentuate or streamline the desert aesthetic of the southwest into any home with our various furniture pieces. 

Southwest’s color palette consists of natural golds and silvers, cactus greens, adobe reds, deep oranges, and rich turquoise. Many individuals combine earthy tones with bold accent colors when using southwest furniture pieces and decor. Throws and accent pillows are great ways to add some color flair into a neutral color theme. 

Blending colors into furniture fabric patterns is another aspect of the southwestern style. Textiles are typically woven from rough or sturdy fabrics as well as leather or suede fabric. Some southwest furniture sofas, chairs, or ottomans will combine leather or suede with woven fabric for a unique statement piece. Metal or wood is often the frame structure of choice for southwest-style furniture. Eclectic interior designs work well with southwest furniture and decor pieces.

Additionally, to craft the perfect luxurious southwest home interior, use accent pieces like lamps, pottery, or rugs. Use rugs, lights, and pottery pieces to showcase a love of authentic southwest style. Even if using western or mission style furniture as the statements pieces, southwest-style accent decor can bring the desert of the southwest into any western ranch, woodland cabin, or mountain lodge.


Fall asleep dreaming of the southwest with our luxurious bedroom sets and bedding. Rustic metal bed frames or mission-style wood frames can craft a truly unique space to sleep. Our copper nightstands and side tables pair wonderfully with southwest-style bedding and pillows. Our copper, antler, or cactus lamps will illuminate the nights in any bedroom furnished with southwest furniture and decor. 

For a southwest-style bedroom, opt for textiles with bold patterns and subtly colored furniture pieces. Use one of our southwest-style rugs to tie in the different colors. Use fiesta red bedding and use decorative leather pillows to accent the bold red in the comforter and the floor rug. 


In the living room, utilize our luxurious leather sofas and chairs to incorporate the sentiments of the southwest. Our southwest-style side tables and rugs can blend other home areas to create a complete and tied-in aesthetic. In addition, a southwest-style living room can showcase statement pieces that will amaze guests every time they visit. Our cabinets and hutches are sure to imbue the living room with an air of the southwest. Set the T.V. upon a red or turquoise media credenza for a touch of pizzazz. 

Our extensive collection of leather settees, sofas, and chaises provide elegance to the design of the living room. With the range of colors within the southwest color palette, one can make the design of the space unique to their personality. Keep the color theme neutral or cycle through using bold and bright reds, oranges, and turquoise accent pieces to keep the design fresh all year long.


From chandeliers to floor or table lamps to lampshades, Hat Creek Interiors has the southwest lighting for any ranch, cabin, or lodge. Metal, wood, or antler lamps and chandeliers can bring to life the southwest design of the space. There is no need to end the evening activities when the sun sets if using a lighting fixture or lamp from Hat Creek.

Visitors will be in awe of the authentic southwest lighting of the ranch, cabin, or lodge they enter. Our floor and table lamps are perfect when reading in the early hours of the morning or late evening. Lamps can imbue a space with mood lightning for any circumstance. Whether it’s for a holiday party or for reading bedtime stories to the littles, our lamps are perfect in any room. 


When purchasing southwest furniture from Hat Creek Interiors, one knows they are making an investment that will last for decades. Southwest-style furniture is perfect for western ranches, woodland cabins, and mountain lodges. When a person purchases from Hat Creek Interiors, they know that our furniture pieces and sets will meet or exceed their genuine western or southwestern furniture aesthetics expectations. 

At Hat Creek Interiors, we believe the best way to exemplify our love of southwest furniture is through incredible customer service. We will assist in every aspect of purchasing one of our high-quality furniture pieces or sets. Our unique southwest-style furniture shows our dedication to selling pieces crafted in the United States from high-quality genuine materials.

While we may call Lubbock, Texas home, we ship across the entire continental United States because we want to give everyone with a passion for southwest-style furniture a genuinely western home. There is no need to be a Texan to appreciate authentic southwest-style furniture in a western or southwestern designed home.


Imbue any house, cabin, or ranch with southwest-style furniture pieces to complete the genuine western feel of the home. Or accent the old West-style wood furniture pieces with our southwest rugs, lighting features, or floral arrangements. Purchasing a furniture piece from Hat Creek ensures a cohesive look between rooms even when incorporating multiple design styles.

Southwest furniture is a must for any home, cabin, or ranch for a genuinely southwestern aesthetic. Here at Hat Creek Interiors, we specialize in furniture that exudes sentiments of the West. Shop Hat Creek Interiors for any custom furniture needs! We are located in Lubbock, Texas, and are available for local pick-up and deliveries. Additionally, we ship across the U.S.A. for all of our customers.

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