Mission Furniture

Looking for top-quality mission-style furnishings for the home but not sure where to start? Look no further than Hat Creek's selection of luxury mission furniture. With a wide variety of gorgeous sets and pieces to fill a home's interior and exterior, we can help create a home other people will envy. Plus, all our furniture and accessories are made in the United States!


Mission-inspired interior design is a classic southwestern aesthetic that will last for years to come. Inspired by the Spanish missions of California, mission-styled furniture has been attributed to a New York City designer in the 1890s. Mission-themed furniture pieces and sets use a practical and organic design. The design used incorporates simple materials and construction to showcase our relationship to nature. This type of design approach in mission furniture can be found in Frank Lloyd Wright’s earlier designs and the bungalows built in California.


The Spanish elegance of this type of furniture design is seen in the sleek and sharp lines of the furniture pieces and sets. Mission design can be seemingly simple, but many different furniture styles can complement the simplicity of mission-style furniture. Due to the classic design, these furniture pieces will last for years. Additionally, Hat Creek's mission-style furniture is timeless. No matter what is trending, our styles will remain a staple of interior design.


Oakwood is the primary material used in crafting mission furniture. Usually, furniture pieces will use light-colored wood. This light wood coloring assists these pieces and sets to incorporated with a western, southwestern, or rustic interior design. The streamlined aesthetic of mission-style furniture grants a touch of sophistication that guests and family can’t help but love.


Wrought iron may sometimes be used as accents in lighting features or side tables in mission-style furniture pieces. The wood in these furniture pieces is finished with perfect edges. The sleek straight edges and simple coloration make these furniture pieces an excellent choice for any home. In addition, the craftmanship of mission-style furniture allows for a great degree of versatility and functionality of the pieces and sets.


Mission furniture also accommodates a variety of styles and preferences. Mission-style furniture can be chic or sleek, western or southern. No matter what an individual design taste includes, rustic furniture will make a great addition to any home's ambiance. 



With bedroom furniture from Hat Creek, one can turn their bedroom into a luxurious oasis amidst the desserts spanning across the southwest and west.


Our stunning mission bed frames, made with the finest quality materials, use artisan wood to make our ornate or simple rustic bed frame. One will find the perfect elegant look they are searching for when browsing our selection of mission bedroom furniture. Our rustic or southwestern bedding throws and pillows will be the ideal complement to the mission furniture in the bedroom.


We offer a wide selection of bedding designs and styles, including Gowan, Adobe, Cabrillo, and more. Our pillows will create a sophisticated southwestern feel in any western ranch, woodland cabin, or mountain lodge.


The deep warm reds, browns, and yellows found in our rustic-style bedding designs can be just subtle enough to accent the oak wood of our mission bedroom sets. Browse through our many accent designs for a style that will stand out with any bedding set. From the rich and colorful paisley designs of our Santa Cruz bedding set to our Cabrillo bedding's crock embossed velvet and suede, one will find something that speaks to their sense of style. Mix and match with our bedroom furniture. Our selections of beds, dressers, lamps will accent the mission-style bedframes and bedroom sets exquisitely.



Complement the sleek mission-themed interior design of the home with our elegant lighting features. For example, our Adrian Floor Lamp’s wrought iron artistry perfectly shines with the sophistication of the Southwest.


Our southwestern lighting fixtures use the highest quality materials. At Hat Creek Interiors, one will find the right high-end lighting fixture to bring character to any room or tie together any southwestern ranch, woodland cabin, or mountain lodge decor. 


Amaze guests with our sleek and stunning custom-made lighting designs. These light fixtures will be sure to add mission-style simplicity to any room.


Our lampshades are made from authentic rawhide that contains unique qualities and textures. The genuine rawhide is dyed to add bold colors that will suit various styles in any room. Choose from teal, red, buckskin, natural, or amber colors and truly craft a unique aesthetic for the home. Use these bold colors to accentuate mission furniture pieces or set in a dining room, bedroom, or kitchen.


Hat Creek Interiors also offers a tin lampshade to incorporate metalworking into interior designs in a home. These tin lampshades feature lone star designs that will be sure to showcase one's love for the southwest. Choose the perfect combination for a southwest aesthetic with the wide selection of unique lighting fixtures at Hat Creek Interiors.



When purchasing mission furniture from Hat Creek Interiors, one knows they are making an investment that will last for decades. Mission-style furniture is perfect for western ranches, woodland cabins, southwestern homes, and mountain lodges. When a person purchases from Hat Creek Interiors, they know that our furniture pieces and sets will meet or exceed their genuine western or southwestern furniture aesthetics expectations. 


At Hat Creek Interiors, we believe the best way to exemplify our love of mission furniture is through incredible customer service. We will guide customers through every aspect of purchasing one of our high-quality furniture pieces or sets. Our unique mission-style furniture shows our dedication to selling pieces crafted in the United States from high-quality genuine materials.


While we may call Lubbock, Texas home, we ship across the entire continental United States because we want to give everyone with a passion for mission-style furniture a genuinely western home. There is no need to be living in the west or southwest to appreciate authentic mission furniture in a western or southwestern designed home.



Imbue any house, cabin, or ranch with mission-style furniture pieces to complete the home’s genuine western or southwestern feel. Or accent the old West-style wood furniture pieces with rustic rugs, lighting features, or floral arrangements. Our unique patterns and fabric colors will beautifully accent the practical interior design of mission-style furniture. Purchasing a furniture piece from Hat Creek ensures a cohesive look between rooms even when incorporating multiple design styles.


Mission furniture is a must for any home, cabin, or ranch for a genuinely southwestern or western aesthetic. Here at Hat Creek Interiors, we specialize in furniture that exudes sentiments of the southwest. Shop Hat Creek Interiors for any custom furniture needs! We are located in Lubbock, Texas, and are available for local pick-up and deliveries. Additionally, we ship across the U.S.A. for all our customers.

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