Mission Furniture

Incorporating the style of furniture found within the Franciscan missions in California, mission furniture brings the feel of the origins of the West into the home. Our bedroom mission-style furniture has two unique looks. One is crafted from mesquite wood and includes luxuriously engraved leather to accent the rich wood. The other is a traditional mission bedroom set. With the combination of dark and light tones from the oakwood, this set can bring the classical aesthetic of the mission-era of the West into any western ranch, woodland cabin, or mountain lodge.

What are some of the critical characteristics of this popular style?

Lines (horizontal and vertical)

Straight horizontal and vertical lines and flat planes and panels that highlight the natural grain of the wood are defining elements.


As you may have guessed, there isn't much ornamentation. The elegance and spare simplicity of style reflect the beauty.

Vertical and Parallel Slats

Vertical and parallel slats, known as stiles, were a common feature of mission furniture, lending the furniture a strong appearance. Simultaneously, this styling creates a subtle illusion of lightness, which balances the masculine and heavy appearance.

Exposed Joints

The exposed mortise-and-tenon joints, which add tremendous strength and durability to any piece of furniture, are another essential feature of mission-style furniture. It's also an attractive feature of the furniture.

In general, mission furniture is American colonial furniture characterized by straight lines and an austere look. Mission furniture can be identified as part of the original Spanish missions that spread up through California into what was then known as Alta California, apart from the related Mexican style of furniture, which had more curved lines and was lighter in construction.

 Where does the term come from?

The term "mission" is now often used to refer to any simple building or dwelling, particularly those built as missionaries spread through North America. It is now applied to barns, cabins, and other rural buildings typically associated with farming or ranch.

The practicality of the mission aesthetic allows for many different design features to be incorporated throughout a home’s interior design. The use of bold and bright colors can liven up a room, or use richer and darker color tones can be used to subdue a room’s appearance. Mix rustic furniture sets with lamps or lighting fixtures to make the space unique while streamlining design features between rooms. 

Please browse our selection of mission-style furniture to compliment or streamline any home.



Imbue any house, cabin, or ranch with mission-style furniture pieces to complete the home’s genuine western or southwestern feel. Or accent the old West-style wood furniture pieces with rustic rugs, lighting features, or floral arrangements. Our unique patterns and fabric colors will beautifully accent the practical interior design of mission-style furniture. Purchasing a furniture piece from Hat Creek ensures a cohesive look between rooms even when incorporating multiple design styles.


Mission furniture is a must for any home, cabin, or ranch for a genuinely southwestern or western aesthetic. Here at Hat Creek Interiors, we specialize in furniture that exudes sentiments of the southwest. Shop Hat Creek Interiors for any custom furniture needs! We are located in Lubbock, Texas, and are available for local pick-up and deliveries. Additionally, we ship across the U.S.A. for all our customers.

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