Mesquite Furniture

When seeking out Mesquite furniture, those of us at Hat Creek Interiors understand that one has many options. Mesquite wood is durable and robust, making it a long-lasting addition to any western ranch, woodland cabin, or mountain lodge.

While mesquite wood might be more well known for use in smoked BBQ, one may use mesquite wood for many other things like tables and bed frames. It’s a strong wood making it perfect for use in furniture. Additionally, mesquite furniture is easy to maintain. A purchase of a furniture piece made with mesquite wood is a lifelong investment as furniture crafted from mesquite wood is durable and sturdy.

At Hat Creek Interiors, customers will find western and southwestern styles of furniture and accessories. Western and southwestern styles are lovely accent pieces as they can match other interior designs or stand-alone in complete sets. Accentuate a love for the old West with a mesquite furniture piece.

Make sentiments of the old West come alive and wow guests with our exquisite mesquite wood furniture pieces. The natural tones of mesquite wood pair perfectly with turquoise inlays, rustic florals, or other western decor items. The classic aesthetic of mesquite wood grants any home or room a timeless feel that will stand the test of time. As mesquite wood possesses a timeless look, furniture crafted from mesquite wood fits into any room in a house. From Living rooms to dining rooms to bedrooms, bring subtle elegance into the home with our mesquite furniture pieces.


A living room is where guests will stay when they visit or where the family gathers for games or watch a show. Showcase the elegance of the western style with furniture that contains mesquite wood. Maintenance for mesquite furniture is simple. The durability of the wood means one can kick up their feet or set their coffee mug on the table without fear of scratching or ruinous stains. Our tables and coffee tables made with mesquite wood won’t chip or wobble as they are expertly crafted here in the United States. Pair a side or coffee table with one of our western-themed sofas or recliners for a warm and inviting living room for family and guests alike.


Another area of the room to relax in beside the living room is at the bar. When grabbing drinks with family and friends, one wants comfortable bar stools that are made to use. Mesquite pub tables are perfect for a barroom as it is sturdy and durable. Easily clean up spills and food crumbs off of the mesquite wood without the need to worry over potential damage. Our Mesquite pub tables not only have the quality of Hat Creek Interiors but they’re crafted from mesquite wood, making them a high-quality piece of furniture. Grab a few of our matching bar stools made with mesquite wood to complete the look in the barroom.


Another essential room in the house to place mesquite-style furniture in is the dining room and kitchen. Furniture pieces crafted from mesquite wood are staples for the dining and kitchen spaces. Our mesquite dining room table will outlast standard dining room tables due to the durable nature of mesquite wood. Showcase a touch of elegance with our mesquite dining room table that one can pass down through the generations. Mesquite furniture is made to last, and our dining room tables will handle years of family dinners and dinner parties. Wine spills, food, and heat will all be no issue for a mesquite dining room table.

The simple yet elegant aesthetic of mesquite wood is sure to amaze guests. Pair the table’s elegance with beautiful dining room chairs crafted in the United States with genuine mesquite wood. Mesquite wood is an excellent example of incorporating the strength and durability of the West into the home.

Use our mesquite wood cutting board in the kitchen as a prepping tool or to showcase beautiful BBQ’d or smoked meats and other foods to exemplify grilling expertise to friends and family as they gather for meals and special occasions. Our mesquite wood cutting board contains inlays of turquoise and is durable. There is no need to worry about scratching or ruining this cutting board.


A bedroom is a place of relaxation and as such the furniture one chooses for this room is a considerable investment. A bedroom should incorporate our mesquite-style furniture pieces to showcase a luxurious feel. Our mesquite wood bed frames are durable and will last lifetimes. Pass down the bedframe crafted from mesquite wood to children or grandchildren to create a family heirloom. 

Our mesquite wood furniture will not chip, creak, or wobble as they are expertly crafted from high-quality materials. One will want to show off their mesquite-style bed frame to visitors that come to their home. Guests will be sure to ask if the bed is the guest bed. If one uses a western or southwestern design in their bedroom, furniture made from mesquite wood will pair wonderfully and compliment the room's aesthetic and decor. Match the bed frame with one of our lamps made with mesquite wood or even one of our mesquite-style side tables. There is no need to skimp on quality and style in the bedroom as it is not as heavily trafficked as other areas in the home. Go to sleep and wake up in luxury with our mesquite-themed furniture pieces.


When purchasing furniture crafted from mesquite wood, one knows they are making an investment that will last for decades. Mesquite-style furniture is perfect for western ranches, woodland cabins, and mountain lodges. 

All of our mesquite-themed furniture pieces are made in the United States from high-quality materials. When a person purchases from Hat Creek Interiors, they know that the furniture will meet or exceed their genuine western or southwestern furniture aesthetics expectations. 

At Hat Creek Interiors, we believe the best way to exemplify our love of western furniture is through incredible customer service. We will assist in every aspect of purchasing one of our high-quality furniture pieces or sets. Our unique furniture indicates our dedication to selling pieces crafted in the United States from high-quality genuine materials.

While we may be located in Lubbock, Texas, we ship across the entire continental United States because we want to give everyone with a passion for mesquite-themed furniture a genuinely western home. There is no need to be a Texan to appreciate genuine mesquite furniture in a western or southwestern designed home.


Imbue any house, cabin, or ranch with mesquite-style furniture pieces to complete the western feel of the home. Or accent the mesquite wood furniture pieces with our rugs, lighting features, or floral arrangements. Purchasing a furniture piece from Hat Creek ensures a cohesive look between rooms even when incorporating multiple design styles.

Mesquite furniture is a must for any home, cabin, or ranch for a truly rustic aesthetic. Here at Hat Creek Interiors, we specialize in furniture that exudes sentiments of the West. Shop Hat Creek Interiors for any custom furniture needs! We are located in Lubbock, Texas, and are available for local pick-up and deliveries. Additionally, we ship across the U.S.A. for all of our customers.

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