Why Does Handmade Outdoor Furniture Last Longer?

Are you redesigning your backyard to make it more original? Hat Creek Interiors has some of the best unique furniture you could imagine. Our homemade outdoor furniture can satisfy any design aesthetic you are going for and turn your place from drab to fab in a few great pieces! We have everything you could want to include in your backyard design and more. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we can start planning your homemade outdoor furniture pieces today! 

You can have everything you want and more from a design if you allow yourself to. Our homemade outdoor furniture allows you to create a space of your own. It gives you the complete freedom to entertain, feel comfortable, and love the home you have created. Live in your western home in style, and Hat Creek Interiors is here to help the process with the best materials and craftsmanship around! 

Handmade Outdoor Furniture with Hat Creek Interiors 

Our high-end pieces and sets are crafted with only the best materials. We can help you complete your poolside or firepit design with some of our matching chairs or find you a complete set for your deck. If it is rockers or swivel chairs for your porch you are looking for, we have those too. We want you to have the right handmade outdoor furniture for your home so you can enjoy things like a cup of coffee in the morning or a beautiful sunset after dinner! 

Comfort Porch Rocker

Use these rockers on a porch or around the fire pit for the perfect western feel. Make memories or tell stories as one gathers with family and friends in their comfortable rockers. Comfort is a rocker away as our rockers feature contoured slat backing. The unique color of our porch rockers will not fade due to our polyethylene material. To customize your color, please reach out to us!  

Whether you are looking to create a space for you and your family or somewhere to entertain, Hat Creek Interiors is here to build you the pieces that will last in your backyard for years to come. When you buy handmade outdoor furniture, it will last way longer than the furniture you buy that everyone else has. Having something unique and different will make your home feel memorable and more inviting for you and everyone who gets a chance to enjoy it! 

Luxury Outdoor Chaise Lounge 

Stretch out and relax while reading a good book and sipping your favorite drink. Get some fresh air by the pool or take a nap outside while lying in your luxury chaise lounge. Let all your worries slip away while the sun kisses your face.With these outdoor chaise loungers, years of maintenance-free relaxation are at your fingertips. These chairs are crafted with polyethylene. Also, the lounge chairs are weather-resistant and an excellent choice for backyards with or without a pool. 

Hat Creek Interiors can make chairs, tables, glider benches, dining sets, and more for a southern-style outdoor living space. We specialize in high-end outdoor country furniture for western ranches, southwestern homes, mountain lodges, and cabins! It would help if you had an idea of what you want your backyard to look like, and we can help you bring it to life with a few of our most delicate pieces. 

You will see what a few good pieces can do for your whole design. You can show your style with our creative outdoor designs and furniture pieces when you shop with Hat Creek Interiors.

Fan Back Outdoor Bench

Sit and enjoy the view on this outdoor glider bench. The bench is the perfect place to make memories with loved ones or turn strangers into friends. The bench comes in various colors to match your western style home. You can add pillows or throw blankets for those chilly mornings and nights to enjoy the sunrise or sunsets! 

The polyethylene materials we use to craft this bench will not fade or deteriorate from the sun or other weather conditions.  

The Finest Materials We Use for Outdoor Furniture 

One of the most important things to us here at Hat Creek Interiors is our materials. To ensure our craftsmanship for every piece of furniture is correct, we use polyethylene materials. High-density polyethylene is weatherproof, durable, and long-lasting. Polyethylene also comes in various colors, allowing you to match each piece to your home or other outdoor features you have. 

Hat Creek Interiors has many years of experience crafting custom furniture to add life to your outdoor deck and home! We offer unique outdoor sets that can add the perfect touch to any patio space. From a classic western to an elegant ranch, we have a selection that includes decorative pieces for a home office or bar! Let's make your home more unique with homemade outdoor furniture, a touch of color, and create a space you can enjoy every day with friends and family! 

Classic Round Outdoor Dining Set 

Sit by the pool, on your deck, or in the yard in style with our classic round dining set! Take brunch outside or entertain your guests outside, enjoying the country's fresh air. The best thing about this piece is you can enjoy years of maintenance-free comfort due to its high-density poly materials. To customize your chair colors, please get in touch with us! 

Outdoor Poly Bar/Island 

Serve your drinks and food from this bar height table for a different perspective to entertain your family and friends. Match the other outdoor furniture around your yard with the various customizable colors available for this poly island. 

Create a unique outdoor experience for your guests and give yourself an incredible staple piece to enjoy. Designing a space is all about how you can be different and grab attention. The island is one of those pieces for sure! 

Design with Hat Creek Interiors 

When you are looking for western homemade outdoor furniture, Hat Creek Interiors is here to help! Take a look at our collection, and together we can create something beautiful for your southwestern style home! With all the different styles and colors, we offer, we know there is something to be made for everyone. Your backyard will no longer be ordinary, and it will become an oasis you can share with loved ones and somewhere you can enjoy and show off when you entertain. 

Lounge in comfortable style, making memories around a firepit with a beautiful view. Create the space you have always wanted with high-end furniture pieces you cannot get anywhere else! Hat Creek Interiors is here to give you the outdoor furniture you have been missing out on and something you can live with for years to come. 

Outdoor Poly Side Table

No outdoor seating arrangement is complete without a side table.  Our outdoor poly side table is the perfect addition to any spot to place a drink or a book while watching the sun rise or enjoying your beautiful view. 

The poly side table has a great top piece and a little shelf space for storage on the bottom. This piece is perfect for pairing with any of our poly chairs to create an excellent outdoor space. 

All of our furniture is homemade and created to last. Check out our collections for your indoor space to add a southern flair inside! You know the perfect leather recliner when you see one. Treat yourself and add one to your living space. We can help you find all the missing pieces for your home and the final touches. All you have to do is ask for help. Hat Creek Interiors can help create the space you have always hoped for, indoors or outdoors. 

Gaston Leather Recliner with Gator 

The Gaston Recliner creates a sense of natural relaxation and quality. What a perfect place to kick off your boots and rest your head on this large gator headrest while you stretch across the soft gray leather. Featured across the back and sides of this recliner is a carefully selected gray-white brindle cowhide that compliments the ash brown undertones. 

This fantastic piece will bring sophistication to your home or office space. And make the perfect style statement you have been missing. 

Here at Hat Creek Interiors, it is important that you have all of the furniture you want and need to make your home feel special. You should be able to show off your home to guests and have them complement each room. Get your homemade furniture and love every piece! We take the time to craft our furniture with the best materials to last in your home for many years to come. 

Your style is important to us, and we want you to enjoy every aspect of your home, both indoors and outdoors! Let's get designing and get you the pieces you want for your home and more! 

Ready to Start Your Outdoor Design? 

Hat Creek Interiors in Lubbock, TX, has the best homemade outdoor furniture for your backyard. You can shop online or call us at 806-794-5404 to find the pieces you have been looking for. Finding a few pieces to tie together your design will help you get the western style you have been searching for.  

Do not wait. Let your mind take over and get the pieces you have always wanted for your home! Hat Creek Interiors is here to bring luxury home and give you the piece of mind and comfort you want. Trust your style, and we will create something beautiful that goes perfectly in your outdoor space. 

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