What Makes a Great Accent Piece

An accent piece of furniture is an item that contrasts with the rest of the room's decor or style and serves to add visual interest and personality, per the meaning of the word "accent," which implies "stress" or "emphasis." For example, if a room has mostly beige and brown furniture and there is one brightly colored chair, the chair is treated as accent furniture. 

When choosing an accent piece, it's important to consider the style of your home. A western or southwestern-style home, for example, might benefit from an inviting armchair or a beautiful wooden chest. 

Depending on your personality and the style of your space, accent furniture can be anything from a striking mirror to an interesting lamp, or a unique coffee table. 

No matter what your style is, there are certain features that make an item a great accent piece. 

Choosing the Right One

First, the piece should be complementary to the other furniture in the space. It should add warmth, color, or texture without overwhelming or competing with the other pieces. 

Second, the piece should be interesting and unique. It should be something that you don’t see everywhere else in your neighborhood or something aesthetically pleasing that is not just used mainly for a functional purpose. For example, a common black desk lamp would not be considered an accent piece, unless it is shaped or designed in a way that is different from what you see everyday.  

Finally, the piece should still be functional. If it is some wall art or something that you bought simply for its beauty but you do not actually use, then it is more of a decoration than an accent piece. 


A Conversation Piece

One of the most popular places to add accent pieces is in the living room. This area of the house is where you invite guests, spend time with your family and entertain yourself at the end of each day. Therefore, it should always be as inviting and as comfortable as possible so that anyone who spends time here can feel relaxed and able to enjoy themselves.

Western or southwestern styles tend to be inviting and warm, making them perfect for use in the living room. These styles are versatile and continue to evolve without losing that certain charm. You'll find many of these pieces in various colors, textures, and materials, which will help you add character to an otherwise bland space.

Consider a mesquite table with turquoise inlay or perhaps a bright red recliner.

Personal Touch

The bedroom is probably the most intimate part of your house. While you should invest in a bedroom piece that will stand out and add character, keep in mind that it should still invoke feelings of comfort and rest. This can be an eclectic, mixed wood chest of drawers or even the whole bed itself as the central art piece. Whatever you decide, it should reflect your unique personality and the things that matter to you. 

Ready to stand out?

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