Understanding Rustic Elegance

What do you get when rustic charm meets the criteria of modern-day elegance? A lot of people are starting to convert their homes into prime examples of this same question. What you get is a gorgeous and charming decor that is unique in every right.

When it comes to the nomenclature or classification of rustic and antique furniture they are more often than not associated with more of a countryside or rural look, but that is far from being the only scenario in which rustic furniture shines. We will be covering many different examples in which vintage furniture looks outstanding while still not following the typical script. 


Raw Wood & Stone:

One of the most outstanding pairs you can make when it comes to vintage furniture would be pairing it with a form of stone. Having a reclaimed wood table and matching colors in the same vicinity of stone can accent off of each other in a very elegant way. This is one of the most popular forms of modern rustic designs due to how well they pair together.

 Scene of wood & stone to show reference

Rustic Furniture & Modern Amenities:

Walking into any home and seeing a beautiful handmade rustic table and wooden bar stools that are accompanied by modern amenities will forever be a magnificent sight. Something about the way they accent each other is without a doubt a staple in any modern rustic home. Having stainless steel appliances that are taking shape from the light of rustic chandeliers above them brings together a perfect blend of new and old.



Natural Wood Accents:

Having natural wood in your modern rustic home is a key element to achieving a rustic modern look. The best way to achieve that would be with a handmade wooden coffee table or wood art installments and then having warm tones that accent with that piece around the room.

 Showcasing natural wood accents

Leather & Granite:

Another popular example of where rustic meets modern is when you pair leather furniture with granite countertops. The key to pulling this off though is to pair the shades together. If you have darker countertops you should opt-in for darker leather vice versa.

 Scene showcasing Leather and Granite


Fabric Furniture & Wooden Tables:

When it comes to wanting a rustic-modern look with fabric furniture a fantastic way to capitalize off of that would be to pair it with wooden coffee tables and side tables. It is a classic look that if done correctly looks outstanding in any room especially if you have darker furniture.



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