The Benefits of Custom Wood Tables

Having custom-made furniture in your home is one of the best types of furniture. You know no one else will have the same piece, and when you shop with Hat Creek Interiors, you know the best materials are being used. Our custom wood tables are unique in their ways, and we take pride in knowing you are receiving just what you envision. It is essential to be on the same page and tell us what you want to put into your home to help you find just the right pieces. 

When you purchase a luxury dining room table or mesquite side table for the living room, you can imagine what they look like next to your oversized leather couch. Let us help you bring your design to life! Even a new desk for the office is essential because you never know when to spend more time at your computer. Custom wood tables are a special thing to show off, so you might as well place them throughout your home to keep them original. 

Luxury Dining Room Tables 

We use natural mesquite woods, reclaimed barn wood, Bristol solid maple, two-tone, and many more combinations to create such custom wood tables. Each piece is a work of art and will fit into any southwestern design you have planned for your home. Wooden tables can be the start of a country design, and you can build something beautiful from such a big piece. You will see how much of an impact a piece of furniture can have once you try our custom designs in your home. 

Our Reclaimed Barnwood Table and Chairs 

This dining room set is crafted here in the USA and brings a rustic charm into any home. Every piece shows original markings with character, hand planning, and knots in the oak wood. At Hat Creek Interiors, every design is created to fit into any western home you wish to bring home. These beautifully sturdy dining sets are perfect for entertaining, every night dinners with family, or just hanging out doing everyday tasks. Everyone who catches a look will want to know more! 

These custom wood tables measure around 7' x 44 "D x 31 "H and are also available with either 12" or 18" extension leaves. Please allow approximately 12-14 weeks for production. Financing options are available! 

Having custom wood tables in your home makes all the difference when you tie the whole design together. You do not want to have the same shabby chic table every else found or repurposed from the vintage store to make your home look country.

Let us make you something original that no one else will have! Your dining room table gets used more than you think, and you want to have one that will hold up and last a lifetime. You can enjoy our tables every day and share them with friends and family when they stop over because they will for sure be eye-catching! 

Two-Tone Round Dining Table 

This fabulous table is made of Mango wood and features a whitewash finish on the base. At Hat Creek Interiors, we strive to make our dining tables sturdy and perfect for dinners, parties, or just hanging around with friends. When people see this table, they will want one too. The southern statement piece that this wooden table makes will stand out, and anyone who gets a chance to sit around it will be blown away by its features. 

We do have financing options available.The measurements for this table are available in 60″ and 72″ diameters. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery! 

Wanting nice wooden tables for your home means you are ready for an update. Keep shopping and let us know when you can place an order. We are always here to answer any questions about our unique furniture. You should always be updating your decor and adding wood tables can always give it the flare it is missing. We can help you discover what piece is just right for your space! 

Custom Wood Tables Made with Love 

Our wood tables are made in all shapes and sizes to fit into any space in your home. Next to your bed, on the side of a recliner, by the entryway, the options are endless, and we can help you decide which style is best for your western style home. We have only the gorgeous wood creations and know you are just looking to place them in your home. Having the best materials and sturdy wood tables in your home is comforting to know for when people visit, and you know they will! 

The Old Wood and Iron End Table 

This end table is crafted from beautiful old, distressed wood and iron The western-style piece that looks like a part of history would look fantastic in any home. It stands on a solid, wrought iron base featuring a ribbon-like design. When you order furniture from us, you can expect it to be unique and top-quality so that it stands out from the rest. 

We have custom sizing available for this end table, so please reach out to us to place a design order. A one-of-a-kind table is waiting to come home with you. Do not wait any longer to start your design vision. Hat Creek Interiors has the quality you need and the style you want to accomplish. Bringing an idea to life for you is something we take pride in, and we want you to know that it is a priority for us to see you happy with our custom designs. 

Placing custom-made end tables throughout your home will draw attention to your design and make you feel more confident about your choices. We can help you make your home feel updated with some of the best custom wood tables you have ever seen! 

Freeform Mesquite Sofa Table 

This piece is a beautiful western style piece of furniture that can fit in or stand out with your decor. Our free-form mesquite sofa table is a solid free, standing table that features authentic turquoise inlays and a root base. Bringing a natural look into your space, this sort of looks like a flowing river, along with the raw wood base. There is beauty in every twist. Due to these characteristics, please know these custom wood tables will be different and unique every time. 

This sofa table measures approximately 74″W x 22″D x 31″H.

Whether you need a table in your home or any space you want to fill, Hat Creek Interiors has the table for you. We have many options and can customize it to fit just the way you want it. 

These unique custom wood tables will bring life into your space and make you want to keep adding more western furniture to your home. We have a lot to offer and find it essential that we help you create a comfortable and usable space for you and your entire family. We keep a good relationship with our customers and want you to keep coming back for more one-of-a-kind pieces, so share your ideas and let us know how to help you design your space. 

Updating Your Office 

We have some of the best chairs and wooden desks for you to make your own Having a comfortable desk to sit at while you work or spend time on the computer is essential. Our rustic 

Western furniture will help create the feeling of a high-end design you are looking for while you work. Having an excellent desk can help you stay on task and ensure that everything is right where it's supposed to be. 

Our Central Desk with Hutch 


This central desk with a hutch is the perfect way to stay organized and clean. You will have a clean workspace like never before because your papers will not be all over the place. The slots in our hutch are made for papers and different size drawers to keep you from putting stuff on top of the desk so you can focus on your task at hand. This custom wood desk is expertly crafted here in the U.S. with solid Quarter Sawn White Oak. 

The piece features two file drawers, two storage drawers, a pencil drawer, two small drawers, and seven mail slots with removable dividers. It measures 68″W x 30″D x 40″H. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone and add luxury wooden furniture pieces to your space. You will feel like your home has become the design you have envisioned all this time, and just a few simple changes can turn a room into something spectacular A modern western design is what we are here to create for you. With our custom creations, we can make anything possible. 

Hat Creek Interiors and Designs 

We take pride in knowing you want to make a custom wood design for your home. All you have to do is reach out to us at 806-794-5404 today so we can start your process. We will work together to find the perfect piece you are searching for. Having custom wood tables in your home will for sure be a conversation piece and something you will be able to enjoy every day. 

Trust your design ideas and add the wooden tables into your home You will want to shop with us and keep adding more tables to each room until your design ideas are complete. Our goal is to help you make your home feel relaxed and comfortable. You will be able to entertain with lots of seating and sturdy tables for drinks and games. 

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