Our Top 5 Best Ranch Furniture Texas Has To Offer

Whether you are shopping for indoor or outdoor additions to your home, Hat Creek Interiors has the best ranch furniture Texas styles have to offer! We can help you decorate your home with some of the most original pieces and ensure everyone will be talking about it every time they visit! From our unique lamps to a colorful rug or maybe a new outdoor set for your backyard? We have it all and are here to get your home the southern ranch style you are looking to accomplish. Contact us today, and we will get started on your design! 

Light Up Your Home 

Hat Creek Interiors provides an extensive selection of lighting styles from floor lamps to table lamps and even custom-made chandeliers. The fun thing about lighting is mixing and matching lighting features throughout your home to add more personality without losing your southern ranch style! Regardless of the lamps you choose for your home, they will add a touch of sophistication throughout your home.

Cactus Table Lamp

Bring the life of the desert into the home with this illuminating table lamp. Place on a coffee table, desk, or side table for light anywhere in the house. Pair this lamp with dark or light-stained wood to beautifully bring to life the living room, bedroom, or den.

From the copper base to the summit of the cactus finial, this tabletop lamp is sure to gain admiration from every western lover. The red flowers on the cactus arms accentuate the copper and desert green of the metalwork. The reflections off of the metalwork shine a unique and gorgeous coloring illuminating the space around the lamp.

Our copper Cactus table Lamp stands 29" tall.

To create our custom-made laps, we use solid wood, genuine antlers, wrought iron metal, or rawhide materials to ensure a piece of beauty every time. No matter what room you have these lamps in, you and your guests will be impressed every time you turn them on because they are so unique and marvelous to look out in any southern ranch home. 

Our lighting possibilities are endless because we can help craft a piece of southern ranch beauty for any room in your home. Whether you are looking for a chandelier to go over your family room table or a floor lamp in the bedroom, we can do it all. Our lighting fixtures are available in many colors and sizes, just let us know what you are thinking, and together we can create the perfect lighting for your home! 

Tombstone Floor Lamp

Let us introduce you to the Tombstone Floor Lamp. Made in Texas using only the most delicate Elk and Red Stag antlers, the Tombstone Antler Floor lamp is accented with an original whitetail deer skull at the base of the lamp. Let this lamp fully accentuate your luxury rustic lifestyle!

The epitome of style, Old World charm, and timelessness styles. The Tombstone Floor Lamp is the last word in elegant decorating with its robust silhouette, vintage antlers, smooth, shiny finish, and natural antler texture.

The vibrant centerpiece of any room, this is one lamp with a lot of personalities.

Comfortable Outdoor Space 

Satisfy your outdoor living space with a new outdoor set or maybe a swing on the patio! Our selection of custom-made ranch furniture in Taxes is some of the most elegant. We offer single chairs, swings, and table sets to fit into any outdoor design made from our high-end materials! Depending on what you are looking for, from space to gaze upon the greenery of our ranch. To a space for entertaining family and friends, Hat Creek Interiors can help you with both!

Poly Outdoor Glider Bench

Our fan-back outdoor glider bench is the perfect place for two to sit back, relax and catch some sun together. This piece is equipped with an easy-to-use fold-down center console with two cup holders that perfectly fit any drink. Choose from various great colors and combinations such as antique mahogany, weather wood, white, and many more. Our benches are hand crafted here in the U.S. using high-density Polyethylene (Poly) plastic, which will not color fade, rot or crack due to the weather elements. This glider bench will always look as good as the day it was bought. To customize the poly glider color, don't hesitate to contact us! 

All Poly Outdoor Benches measure approximately 67" W x 30" D x 43" H.

We can help you demonstrate a genuine appreciation for the spirit of your western ranch through the furniture you choose to have in and outside of your home. You may not know it, but the pieces you have in your home speak to others, and people can tell when you dislike some of the furniture in your home. You should love what you put in your home, and others will enjoy it too. Hat Creek Interiors is about creating a space you will enjoy for many years. 

48" Poly Round Outdoor Table

Keep your get-togethers compact and cozy with the 48" Round Poly Outdoor Table. Cozy up to long conversations at this round table that's perfect for seating six comfortably. The umbrella hole on the tabletop is set below a matching plug, so you can place your canopy right beneath it before snapping it down tight. And if a good conversation is followed by tasty food, you know we're just as interested in keeping things safe and snug. Welded aluminum frames the underside of this table, which means that spills and splashes wipe off quickly and fast, so you can take time to relax.


  • Umbrella hole w/ matching plug on a table top.
  • Umbrella hole on base w/knobs for easy tightening.
  • Welded aluminum frames under all table tops.
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes. 
  • Call to customize Poly Color. Price may vary.

We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor space and all the views it has to offer. You might as well have furniture that allows you to spend more time outdoors to see different things and share your view with others. Comfort is essential both inside and outside. You never know when you will have a chance to entertain and spend time outside, enjoy the furniture you have around your home just as much as the bed in your bedroom and the couch you watch movies on! 


Making your House Feel Like A Home 

When you take the time to add decor your love that matches your home aesthetic, you will love the space you live in. Hat Creek Interiors can help you create pieces of furniture that meet your wants and needs to fit into your space and personality. 


You may have a comfortable leather couch, a lovely coffee table, and some end tables, but do you have the perfect rug? A rug can hold the right colors, tones, and additions to your decor. If you trust yourself, you can do anything with the style of your home. Adding personality to your design makes it feel more like a home than someone else's house or design. It becomes something you created yourself, and you will love spending time there! 

Buckskin Southwest Rug 

Slightly rustic with just the right amount of southwest flavor, this rug can be used in any room in your house for an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. The hand-painted brush design offers rich colors that will set off any decorating scheme you may have inside! 

While the rug features beautiful browns and tans, the gorgeous turquoise and orange hues add a pop of color. This buckskin southwest rug is available in a variety of sizes and even can be made in a round shape. This rug will be the perfect addition to your home as a center point in your living room or a showstopper in an entryway. 

Ranch Furniture in Texas From Hat Creek Interiors 

When you are sitting in your home thinking about ways to update your decor, you can shop with Hat Creek Interiors and know that we can create the missing pieces for your home! Whether you want something for your outdoor patio or a new lamp, maybe a soft rug- we will help you find the perfect thing! 

Hat Creek Interiors knows how to get in touch with your southern ranch style and add personality to your space. Let us help you find the pieces you have been visioning in your home and make them a reality! Reach out to us today by giving us a call at 806-794-5404 or leaving a message for us! 


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