How to Accent Rugs and Runners in your Home

Are you shopping for a new rug to fit into your space? Please leave it to Hat Creek Interiors to have the perfect rugs and runners for you to choose from. We have all different sizes, colors, patterns, and anything you could want for your western style home. We can find just the right fit for your space with our style experts and your ideas. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will find it! Bring some western flavor home with the missing piece you have been searching for, a Homemade rug from Hat Creek Interiors! 

Custom Rugs and Runners - Hat Creek Interiors 

Showcase your Texan or southern pride with our cow print design and let our rugs and or runners tie together your rustic design! Create a cozy cabin feel with our axis skin or buckskin designs. Pick your favorite colors to match your home from a color pallet of cyan, burgundy, yellows, and reds. There are many to choose from, and we are here to explore those options with you. Allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone a little and add that southwestern rug your home has been waiting for. Rugs and runners can make a design complete, so choose just the right one. Something that catches your eye, and you know will draw attention when someone walks in the room! 

Storm Catcher - Rust Rug 

Our storm catcher rug captures the spirit of hard-working people who enjoy time with friends and family. The warmth of the sun and everyday living with the ones they love. When you stand on this southwestern rust rug, you can feel yourself transported back to its mountainous landforms and priceless memories of cacti at your feet. This soft textured rug will make anyone want to lay down on it and sink into the coziness. 

The colors of this rug represent a beautiful sunset, and its clean lines create the southwest masterpiece that it truly is. No matter where this rug is being used in your home, it will stand out! Please feel free to enquire about the sizes we offer. 

From an entryway runner to your new bedroom rug and everything in between, we at Hat Creek Interiors can brighten up any room with the touch of a rug! Make your guests shocked by your homemade rugs and runners to go with your interior design aesthetic! Just by adding a rug, you can completely change the look of a room. Trust your taste and Hat Creek Interior designs to spruce up your home with some new rugs. 

Style Rugs with Us

If you're feeling funky, you can even use our rugs for display on the wall. Whether you are looking for an elegant rug under the dining room table or a plush shag rug for the living room, we have everything you need and more to choose from! We carry both simple and elaborate designs, depending on what you are looking for. With style in mind, you should always be aware of the rugs in your home and how well they fit in your home. Updating your rugs is also important. You want your southwestern style to stay modern but feel old and country. It is your home, and you get to choose, but our rugs are made to fit your style and home preferences! 

Turkish Nights Area Rug 

The Turkish Nights area rug incorporates tranquil traditional Persian style with a modern flair! The look that will never go out of style. The visual of this piece is enough to comfort you. However, wait until you feel the softness between your feet. 

The rug looks worn and vintage with hints of indigo, black and burnt orange, with a touch of bright coral colors. Like most Persian-style rugs, the Turkish Nights display symmetrical shapes. The design is made to remind you of all the worldly wonders life offers! So, take it all in and remember, don't live by your surroundings. Create them! 

Pioneer Longhorn Rug 

The luxurious creams and rich browns of the longhorn hide are a perfect neutral aesthetic or bold statement piece for any room in your home. Our Longhorn rug is available in rectangle or round shapes to fit into an ideal space you have in mind. Like all of our rugs, the Pioneer Longhorn Rug is crafted from high-quality materials to last for years to come. 

Shop our site and look to see what would fit in your southwestern home. Everything is homemade, hand-stitched, high-quality materials that can be customized to your needs. Regardless of what room you are shopping for, Hat Creek Interiors has the rugs and runners your home needs and more! Add that missing piece you have been looking for, which may be for more than one room. With all of our options, you can choose a rug that will work in many different rooms in your home. You can switch it around depending on your style preference and need. That is why we make so many and customize our rugs to fit any space. 

Let your creative side show with some new rugs and decor for your living spaces that need some extra flair. Rugs and runners are the perfect way to bring color and texture you didn't know were missing! 

Tropical Fauna Area Rug 

Our contemporary rug is like a jungle on the floor. It can take you away from it all and add just a bit of natural flair. Its rich colors and luxurious material of this area rug will bring warmth and natural beauty into any room in your home. Whether this piece catches your eye to brighten a room or fit right into your design, it will be the perfect fit. 

Our tropical fauna rug can be made in multiple sizes and shapes. If this rug interests you, please feel free to reach out for customization details! 

Why Rugs and Runners? 

Having rugs and runners in your home helps make it feel cozy and welcoming. Your guests will want to take off their shoes and stay awhile. When you have a southwestern-style home, you can add that pop of color you may be missing with the perfect rugs or runners. Hat Creek Interiors creates only the best for our customers, and we know you want to know more. 

Having rugs around your home keeps it warm and comfortable, allowing you to walk around barefoot more often instead of always having to put on your slippers or remembering your socks. There is no better feeling than walking across a soft carpet against your feet. Everything about your home should be inviting and having some of the best rugs and runners can help that be true. When you shop with Hat Creek Interiors, you get only the best materials. 

Ranger Cow Print Rug 

Our Ranger Cow Print rug is the perfect accessory for any bedroom that needs a little sprucing up. Turn your room into a friendly ranch house with this beautiful, custom-made rug. Featuring cow-themed art and handcrafted quality- what more could you ask for! 

This rug is suitable for in front of your couch, in the entryway, or anyone's bedroom! The rug is available in five different rectangle sizes and a round. Find the perfect shape for your space, and we will make it just right! 

Santa Fe Stripe Rug 

As the name states, the Santa Fe Stripe rug embodies the true nature and spirit of the southwest. You will accentuate your interior design with rich reds and golden chestnut hues. Blending the old west with aspects of the modern southwestern aesthetic, this rug is perfect.  

Our Santa Fe Stripe is available in three different shapes. Feel free to contact us for measurements and discuss purchasing one of these beautiful rugs for your space! 

Adding rugs and runners to your interior design can make the difference when you know what you are looking for and where to find it! Something as simple as a rug or runner in your space can change the whole outlook from boring to fabulous in just one piece. You know your style best. We are just here to supply the homemade decor! Any southwestern home needs rugs and runners to tie together the style. You want your home to feel comfortable and cozy in every room. 

Contact Hat Creek Interiors Today! 

If you know what you are looking for as far as rugs and runners, you need a little help, and Hat Creek Interiors is here for you. We craft homemade, high-quality materials for you to choose from. All you have to do is give us an idea of what you are looking for, and we can create an idea together for your space. 

We know decorating can be fun, and adding last-minute pieces can sometimes be challenging, but rugs and runners are essential in every home. They help keep the style clean and colorful! Let us help you find your perfect rug today, and you can call us at 806-794-5404 or leave us a message online! Why wait? Get your perfect rug today and have a new comfort sooner than later! 

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