Creating the Perfect Western-Inspired Room Design

Have you ever wanted to create a western-inspired room design? Whether you’re building a new ranch home or simply sprucing up an existing space, western-inspired room design can add a unique and timeless touch. From furniture to accents, here are some tips on how to create a western-inspired room that promises to be both inviting and stylish.  

Incorporate Western Accents 

Western accents can help bring together any room. Consider adding a cowhide rug for texture and warmth underfoot, or search for native art pieces as wall decor. Other popular accents include blankets made from wool and cotton fabrics in bright colors and patterns inspired by Native American designs. You can also hang eye-catching chandeliers that will act as a focal point in your room. To incorporate the western theme into your light fixture, try to find one made from deer antlers. 

Deer Antler Lighting

Deer antlers are an iconic symbol of the west and the perfect way to bring a unique touch to your home. From chandeliers to wall sconces, there are plenty of unique options available for deer antler lighting. 

Our deer antler chandeliers at Hat Creek Interiors are truly one-of-a-kind. They are crafted entirely from genuine deer antlers that were naturally shed. Place this lighting fixture above a dining room table for illuminated family gatherings or above the sofa in the living room. This chandelier will look beautiful in a master bathroom for a touch of western elegance.

Animal Hide Rugs 

Animal hide rugs are another great way to add warmth and texture to a western-inspired room. Whether you choose cowhide or sheepskin, these rugs will add a cozy feel while still maintaining an authentic western aesthetic. 

Area Rugs are larger rugs typically used as a centerpiece in living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, hallways, and more. They provide color and texture to the space while protecting floors from wear and tear. 

Accent rugs are smaller in size than area rugs but still large enough to make an impact on their own. They usually feature intricate patterns and bold colors, which make them perfect for adding pops of color around the house. Runners are narrow rugs that can be used along hallways or staircases. They usually feature geometrical patterns and bright colors, which add character to these often bare spaces in your house.

Our high-quality animal skins include:

Read more about finding the perfect area rug for your western-inspired space. 

Reclaimed Wood Furniture 

Reclaimed wood is an excellent way to bring an organic element into your western décor. Whether it’s tables or chairs, reclaimed wood furniture looks beautiful and is extremely durable—perfect for those who want their furniture to last for many years. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly since it’s made from recycled materials!

Here are some ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your room: 


Hand-crafted right here in the U.S.A., this gorgeous reclaimed barn wood dining set will provide a touch of rustic charm to any dining area. Each piece of solid reclaimed oak shows the amazing character with original markings from saw blades, hand-planing, and knot holes.

Reclaimed wood table 

Credenzas or Serving Tables

While our heart is in Texas, we also admire pieces made all over the United States. Our Bear Creek Server is no exception, as it's made with reclaimed wood from all over the U.S.A. making each piece entirely unique. Our Bear Creek Server is sure to be a focal point in your dining room with its southern charm. This server features two cabinets, two drawers, and a bottom shelf designed for plenty of storage. The smooth, solid wood top surface is the perfect place to display your decorative lamps, artwork, and accent pieces. The distressed finish and versatile wood coloring will complement any western home.

Western-inspired credenza


A large bench will make a statement no matter what part of your home it is in. Our Ana Bench is a Hat Creek favorite, thanks to its design and storage possibilities. One of the more unique items we have available, the reclaimed wood gives it a very western feel as you sit down to enjoy its comfort.  

Introduce Natural Elements 

Bringing natural elements into your western-inspired room is key to making it feel truly authentic. Place plants throughout the space to provide life and energy—think cacti, succulents, or other low-maintenance options that fit the theme but don't need much care. You can also add stone features like brick walls or stone fireplaces for an even more natural feel. Consider displaying plants on a table with turquoise inlay to add a pop of color to your space. 

Turquoise Inlay

Western-inspired furniture with turquoise inlay is becoming a wildly popular choice for home décor these days. The bright colors and unique design of the turquoise detailing will instantly add life and personality to any space while keeping a natural feel. If your living room has more muted colors like browns and tans on the walls and flooring, adding some bold blue accents can really bring out the best of both worlds—the subtlety of natural tones combined with the vibrancy of blues and greens from the turquoise detailing. 

Our 24” Modern Rustic Mesquite and Turquoise End Table features a natural smooth finished tabletop with turquoise inlay to fill the cracks of this piece. We believe that filling imperfections with beauty, much like the Japanese do with pottery, can make our pieces and even our lives all the better. 

Choose The Right Pieces 

To capture the essence of western-inspired design, choose furniture pieces with rustic elements. If you want traditional western style, select wood items made from native materials like hickory or pine. For something more modern, opt for metal pieces with distressed finishes. To make your furniture look more authentic, choose pieces with details like nailhead accents, leather panels, and carved legs. 

Here are some different kinds of furniture that you can use to complete a room:    


Choosing the right lamp is key when creating a western-style space. Look for something with more of an industrial feel. You can also opt for something more modern, like copper lamps with rawhide shades or something in an aged bronze finish to really bring out the western aesthetic. 

Our Cactus Table Lamp will accent any ranch, lodge, or cabin, whether living in the Southwest or not. Bring the life of the desert into the home with this illuminating table lamp. Place on a coffee table, desk, or side table for light anywhere in the house. Pair this lamp with dark or light-stained wood to beautifully bring to life the living room, bedroom, or den.

Cactus copper lamp

From the copper base to the summit of the cactus finial, this tabletop lamp is sure to gain admiration from every western lover. The red flowers on the cactus arms accentuate the copper and desert green of the metalwork. The reflections of the metalwork shine a unique and gorgeous color illuminating the space around the lamp.

Chairs and Sofas

When it comes to adding western-inspired furniture into your home, comfortable chairs and sofas are an absolute must! Not only do they provide extra seating when needed, but they also add some much-needed flair to any room in your house. From luxurious armchairs with tufted details to finely crafted leather sofas,, there are plenty of styles out there that will make the perfect addition to your living space.  Plus, comfort goes beyond just how the chair looks; having a chair that provides good posture support helps alleviate back pain and improve overall comfort during long hours spent sitting in front of the computer or lounging on the couch watching TV.  

When selecting furniture pieces for your western-style room, think about functionality as much as looks. A comfortable chair is great for lounging around after a long day at work, but you also want it to match the aesthetic of your room. 

This beautiful and sturdy leather chair with tooled accent leather can adapt to any setting, formal or casual. 


One of the most popular furniture pieces for western decor is the ottoman. This versatile piece can be used in any room to add a touch of rustic charm and style. An ottoman is an upholstered furniture piece that looks like an oversized footstool. It’s usually made from leather or suede material, but it can also be made from other materials such as sheepskin, cowhide, and even cork! They come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to provide seating for one person or two people depending on the size. Often times they have four legs attached to them and are either square or rectangular in shape. 

This Constantine Leather/Cowhide Patchwork Ottoman will grant the owner a genuine western feel for their home. Amaze guests with the classic, rustic elegance that this ottoman boasts. The high-quality leather and cowhide pieces are patchworked together and trimmed with beautifully coordinating nailheads. Place it next to a window or door as a statement piece. Or pair it with a sofa or armchair to complete the room.

With these tips in mind, you now have all the tools necessary to create the perfect western-inspired room design! Start by selecting lamps that reflect your personal style then move on to rugs that will provide comfort and texture while tying everything together nicely. Don’t forget furniture pieces that are both functional and stylish so that everyone can relax in comfort while enjoying the ambiance of your rustic space! Once you have all of those elements put together, don’t forget those little touches like animal hides or antlers – they may not seem like much, but they will truly make all the difference in completing your western-inspired look! Now that you know what pieces you need, your perfect western-inspired room will come together in no time! 


Hat Creek Interiors is committed to high-quality furniture and home accessories that will last for generations. We use only the finest materials, including leather, wood, animal hide, and wool, making our furniture built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each piece of furniture meets our high standards for quality and craftsmanship.

In addition, we offer a wide range of customizations so that you can create the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Whether you're looking for a new rug or dining table, you can be confident that Hat Creek Interiors will provide you with the highest quality furniture that will stand the test of time. 

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