A Style for Every Home- Why Rustic Style Furniture is So Versatile

People often ask us what the key to our success is here at Hat Creek Interiors. We tell them it's simple - we offer a style for every home. From modern to traditional, rustic to industrial, we have something for everyone! Please take a look and let us know some pieces you are interested in. We can help you put some ideas together. Rustic style furniture is becoming more and more popular, so might as well get your hands on it now while you can. When you see something you love, grab it! 

One of our most popular styles is rustic. Rustic furniture has a warm, natural look that can make any home feel like a cozy cabin in the woods. Rustic style furniture can be dressed up or down, depending on your needs. If you're looking for rustic furniture that will make your home feel inviting and comfortable, Hat Creek Interiors is your place. We have a wide selection of rustic tables, chairs, dressers, and more. Contact us today and find the perfect rustic style for your home.

The Many Benefits of Using Rustic Furniture in your Home

Rustic-style furniture has a way of making any home feel warm and inviting. It's the perfect style for those who want to create a comfortable space. Besides that, it's so versatile, it can be used in any room in the house. Why not add a touch of rustic furniture to every room in your home. Whether through decor or big pieces of furniture, having things that make you feel comfortable in your own home makes a big difference. 

Rustic Lodge Lounge Chair 

The rustic lodge lounge chair is built on a solid hardwood frame that features natural bark for lots of unique character. Lie back and relax on the soft western-style pillows while enjoying the view from your living room! This chair comes with one standard size 24" pillow, two 22" pillows, and two bolster pillows. The chair measures approximately 42" W x 44" D x 34" H.

Rustic furniture is also easy to care for. This makes it ideal for busy families or anyone who doesn't want to spend much time caring for their furniture. Maybe a home with pets and lots of kids, you know your furniture will be safe around all the craziness of everyday life.

These are just a few reasons why rustic furniture is so popular. When it comes down to finding the perfect pieces for your home, Hat Creek Interiors can help you put the design together. Our professionals are here to walk you through the process and ensure you get everything you need for your home. We want you to have rustic furniture that fits your style and makes your home look complete! You are the one living with the design, and you must love the furniture you choose. 

How to Decorate a Room with Rustic Furniture

Our rustic style furniture is a great way to add character to your home. It's also a style that is very popular right now. Rustic furniture can be used in any room in the house. Here are some tips on how to decorate a room with rustic furniture:

  • Start with the walls. Rustic furniture goes well with many different types of wall décor. You can hang tapestries or even rustic metal signs.
  • Add some rustic accent pieces. These could include things like candles, vases, or even rugs.
  • Choose rustic furniture that fits the space. If you have a small space, you might want to choose smaller pieces.

Using the space you have and finding the right pieces to make your space look full is what Hat Creek Interiors is here to do. Rustic-style furniture can change the entire look of your home or update it depending on what type of pieces you are looking for. Updating your home with rustic pieces can give it a modernized look, believe it or not. When decorating a western-style home, you would be surprised how much you love the look of something old in a new space! Rustic style furniture could be the missing piece to your design. Let us help you find out! 

Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Table and Chairs 

Our handcrafted table and chairs will provide the perfect touch of rustic furniture to any home. Each piece of solid reclaimed oak shows character and original markings. When you shop with Hat Creek Interiors, our furniture is made to give your home that western feel you have been dreaming of. 

With such a sturdy and gorgeous table, you are ready to entertain and serve just about anyone. This table Measures 7' x 44" D x 31 "H. Also available with either 12" or 18" extension leaves. Please reach out to us for more details! 

Looking at some pieces, we can help you decide what you want to add to your home to give it a new rustic feeling. Add some comfort to your home in a new way. 

Some Popular Types of Rustic Furniture

Some people might think of rustic furniture as being old and worn down. But this type of furniture can also be new and made to look rustic. 

  • One popular type of rustic style furniture is Adirondack chairs.
  • Another popular type is farmhouse tables.
  • Rustic dressers are also becoming more popular in rustic-style homes.

These are just a few examples of rustic style furniture that you could use to update the look of your home or give it a completely new look! Contact (link) Hat Creek Interiors today for all your rustic style furnishing needs!

Sunray Bedroom Suite

Our eye-catching sunray bedroom suite is large, bold, and perfect for any western bedroom style. This set is crafted with high-quality hickey wood with detailed craftsmanship. For the entire set, you can receive your choice of either a king or queen bed, a dresser, dresser mirror, tall chest of drawers, and a nightstand to complete the look. 

Each piece of this bedroom suite is sold separately.


Dresser: 43″H x 67″W x 22.25″D

Dresser Mirror: 36" " H x 56" " W

Tall Chest: 54.25″H x 45″W x 22.25″D

Nightstand: 30.5″H x 29″W x 20.25″D

Carved Old Wood Bed 

A rustic carved queen or king-size bed with multi-color wood planks and a natural finish. A unique piece such as this is reclaimed and handcrafted wood with character and blemishes of every lasting charm.

Each piece will have slight variances. Queen Dimensions: 64″W x 88″D x 67″H. King Dimensions: 80″W x 88″D x 67″H. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

A Few Tips on Choosing the Right Pieces of Rustic Furniture

When it comes to designing your home with rustic style furniture, you can create a vision that could fit into any room of your home. Why not put a couch in your bedroom. Or an old dresser in the living room for extra storage. Design is about how you want your home to look and make it unique to meet your needs.

Hat Creek Interiors knows what looks best and which pieces you can pair together to make a beautiful rustic style home. Having rustic furniture in your home can pull a whole design together to give you a new look that you have been trying to accomplish. You can mix rustic furniture designs with other furniture pieces to create an elegant home aesthetic.

Mix and match our rustic style furniture with western furniture pieces to create a unique and personalized style for your home. There is no need to compromise on comfort with many rustic pieces to choose from! You can add rustic furniture to any style and it will look great every time. Wood and leather match everything so it just adds to every design! 

Rustic Style Furniture From Hat Creek Interiors 

If you are ready to design with us, Hat Creek Interiors is ready to find you the pieces you have been looking for. The rustic furniture style helps design your home and make it your own. We will work with you and ensure you get everything you want and need to complete the look of your space that you have been trying to complete. Having a western-style home with some rustic furniture is what the style is all about these days, and you should take into consideration how you want to view your space. 

Our professionals are here to help answer any questions you may have about custom furniture and the design process. Making your home elegant and everything you wish it to be is our priority. Reach out to us online or give us a call 806-794-5404 to find out the process for getting started on your design. Once you have an idea, make it come to life. Bring something different into your space and give it a new meaning. You will be so happy with the design you have wanted for so long. 

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