The Inherent Beauty & Durability of Leather

The use of leather in furniture dates to antiquity. Over the centuries, endless types of fabrics have been developed, supplanting leather’s role somewhat, and despite the variety of new modern blends and synthetic coverings, leather remains steadfast. It is durable, beautiful, and organic.

There are several reasons for leather as a top choice in furnishings:

The Quality Quotient

Leather is often associated high quality products, and a suggestion of extra craftsmanship. Leather by its nature presents a quality appearance, with a lustrous classic look. Modern treatment products add to its luster, keeping it in supple like-new shape indefinitely.


Leather, being as durable as it is, in most cases improves with age, and certainly doesn’t wear like fabrics and synthetics. Leather also “breathes” making it comfortable in a variety of temperatures and humidity conditions.


It may be easy to imagine that leather is more expensive than fabric or synthetic counterparts, and in some cases, on an upfront cost basis, perhaps that can be true. But the advantages of the investment quickly become apparent over the long term. Leather furniture can in fact appreciate in value, rather than wearing out. There are a lot of expert opinions which highlight the value of leather, including a great article on HGTV’s website.


Leather provides beautiful natural grain, individual patterns and other distinctive markings, making each piece unique. In addition to the depth and richness of leather, it is not generally susceptible to the fading, color shifts and changes in appearance to which fabrics and synthetics are prone.

Just Good All the Way Around

In short, leather is a wonderful, natural and durable covering perfect for quality furniture. Loved the world over, there’s no question as to its value and place in outfitting a beautifully decorated – and comfortable – home or office space.